Why is Sydney better than Melbourne or Brisbane?


Today it’s personal! We’re all unashamedly big fans of Sydney, but precisely what is it that causes the city to be so liveable?

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Precisely why is Sydney so much better than Sydney or Brisbane?


  1. pcd2k, It’s a different etiquette. A pedestrian might see thousands of faces in a day in the CBD and it would be nuts if people kept trying to talk to you. I need my peace and Sydneysiders respect that! Melbourne lacks city etiquette, and people act more like they’re in a big country town.

  2. Sydneys environment shapes the city, it’s beautiful harbour, the beaches, the mountains – it has everything.
    Melbourne is a great city, but that’s all it is, a small city. If your advising a tourist to see Australia, what exactly would you tell them to see in Melbourne – the MCG??!!

  3. Maybe Sydney is better and brighter in appearance, but in Melbourne, restaurants serve discounted meals to seniors, and travel is free on Sundays.

  4. Having only had brief stays in Melbourne and never any in Brisbane, the main distinguishing difference I’ve experienced between Sydney and Melbourne is that casual street/social engagement is really not as free flowing in Sydney. Hopping on a tram just about anywhere in Melbourne and a conversation seems to spontaneously erupt. But it’s difficult too see anywhere else, a more beautiful environ then Sydney Harbour.

  5. beaches boy is right. Vibrancy. Sydney feels bigger and busier than any other Australian city. It has double the population of Brisbane, and much higher density than Melbourne. It also offers just as much as Melbourne and Brisbane in terms of culture, shopping, fashion. But the icing on top of that, is Sydney’s unparalleled beauty.

  6. Sydney doesn’t have a chip on it’s shoulder like Melbourne. Sydney doesn’t think twice about which city is better, we just get on with life.
    Brisbane, well not too sure, although one feels for any city that is the capital of a state which is the equivalent of the USA’s deep South.

  7. Inhabitants of those other cities feel the need to prove that they are better. We just know we’re the best.