Why did you move to Sydney?


suitcasesEveryone arrived in this city somehow – you were either born here, or you moved here by choice!

There’s always interesting stories to share about why you moved here… exactly what was it that attracted you to the big smoke? Or perhaps you moved here from another city, or even country!

Share your reasons why Sydney was so attractive to you.


  1. Because Kurt Cobain had just died and I found the flannelette candlelight vigils outside of Flinders Street Station distressing.

  2. I moved from QLD because Sydney is so much more forward thinking. Like it has been proven with immigrants who move away from their cultures, retaining values that their home country has since evolved from, QLD’ers fall short of the progressive tidal waves coming from Melbourne and Sydney.

  3. I moved to Sydney because the UK is finished, and I couldn’t imagine raising a family their. I’ve been in Sydney for 4 years now and have 2 kids.

  4. I remember driving into Sydney for the first time from the Hume Highway and instantly falling in love with the place. Stayed at Roseville for a couple of weeks. Returned home to Adelaide and moved to Sydney a couple of months later. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay long enough. But I’ve always had that love affair with the place. Can’t get there often enough!

  5. I left Bris-Vegas to live in Sydney because I got into an acting school in L.A. and in Sydney in the same year!
    I chose Sydney because I had never moved out of home before so thought… I should probably move states before I move countries.
    Two years later I’m still acting up a storm and just can’t seem to leave… LOVE SYDNEY!


  6. Because it’s so beautiful. There’s heaps to do. The weather is generally more stable. Can’t imagine living anywhere else now

  7. Born & raised here! Travelled a bit but just love the lifestyle Sydney has to offer, an amazing harbour, beautiful beaches, fabulous food, great weather & unique land.

  8. I was born and raised in Sydney. I’ve travelled around Australia, Japan, Thailand, New 7ealand, lived in parts of England. I wouldn’t live anywhere else than Sydney,. I just love it. There’s always something going on, everthings with in walking distanced. It has awesome beaches and a beautiful harbour.

  9. for life in a city, to get free newspapers at a train stations, for bright lights, liberal minded attitudes, mardi gras, the beaches and hot men

  10. I lived 31 years in Canada, then 9 years in the UK. My wife and I had been planning to move to Australia for several years because of climate, lifestyle, and economy.

    I applied for state-sponsored permanent resident visas in both VIC and NSW. NSW said yes. Here I am!

  11. I’m a gay man who grew up in a small country town in NSW. I moved to Sydney so I could lead a comfortable, honest life with the chance to meet other young guys. There aren’t really any other options in this country. Brisbane has no beach and Melbourne has terrible weather, it was a no-brainer.

  12. apital cities in australia are the only places with any jobs. sydney is the closest capital to where i’m from, so unless i wanted a life on the dole, i had to move.

  13. 1. To get out of Brisbane.
    2. Made easier by the fact my brother already lived here.
    3. Halfway between Brisbane and Melbourne.
    4. Awesome live music venues.
    5. King Street, Newtown.


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