Who makes the best hot chocolate in Sydney?


There’s a lot of cafes to pick out from in the Sydney metro and CBD area. So which is optimum for hot chocolate in Sydney?

A lot of us just aren’t as inclined to order a coffee and actually enjoy our sugary hot cocoa treat… instant hot chocolate just doesn’t cut it! So what to do? Visit optimum cafe in your area and get it there!

Maybe you’re satisfied with a gargantuan coffee chain, a boutique chocolate specialist, a wondrous homemade cocoa supplier or maybe a great neighbourhood cafe in your local Sydney suburb. Where’s your favourite, and why is their hot chocolate recipe so good?

Do n’t forget to tip us off to how you like to order your cocoa, as well – possibly something like a touch of vanilla extract? Share your secrets!


  1. surprisingly for me it’s the cookies bar/pub at north strathfield on George st… that’s right a pub.

    next door is cheeky chocolate and at the end of the street is a Gloria jeans..

    what’s their secret?

    I’ve discovered they use a Belgium chocolate paste, which gives the milk a thicker quality.., they never burn the milk and they add a lot of froth on top,

    In my opinion the best hot chocolates don’t burn your mouth, don’t require a marshmellow nor any additional sweetener,

  2. San Churros – cos of the thickness of the hot choc. Yumm. Just make sure to have water ready.

    Too bad Sydney doesn’t have a place with decent chili hot choc. That’s my fav!!

  3. Café Chocolat at the AMP Centre. Standard Hot Choc is great, but they also do extra awesome things like coconut hot chocolates, etc.