Who makes the best chai latte in Sydney?


Sydney is a city of caffeine lovers, but not everyone favors plain tea or coffee. There’s also many selective chai latte devotees in the city as well!

So who serves Sydney’s second to none chai beverage? Got any tips for splendid vanilla mixes around the city? Share yours with the city’s other chai fans now!


  1. I really like Corellis on King St in Newtown. Huge pot, real leaves with chunks of fresh ginger, cinnamon and many other spices. Every other chai I have is a disappointment compared to this. And you get a tiny teddy biscuit on the saucer.

  2. Ella in Darlington does the best (proper, leaf and spices/not powder) I’ve come across. Skewers on Broadway was the most authentic ‘Indian-style’ chai i’ve tried, but they’re gone now. :(

  3. I hate to admit it but McDonalds! I try a chai latte everywhere I go – still love Maccas – nice and creamy with good flavour :)

  4. there is a lot of bad chai out there, be aware avoid drinking unhealthy chai you will do more harm then good always ask to see the ingredients, you will be shocked what you thought was good is full of chemicals, a bad chai can take your heath away a good chai can add to your heath
    i recommend sydney chai as far as powder chai goes for its pure and natural ingredients

  5. I’m always looking for the best in chai tea and at the moment my favorite comes from Mecca on King St between Clarence & York and the service there is great too

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chai and have been trying to find the best chai in sydney too. So far, my faves are:
    – Luxe Bakery in Newtown
    – Citrus in Newtown (HUGE too)
    – Brew in the city (Harrington St)