Who makes the best fish and chips in Sydney?


That scrumptious battery crunch, that burning oil down the back of your throat, the inexplicably consistent substance in the dim sims… we simply adore our fish and chips here in Sydney.

So where is Sydney’s best fish and chip shop? Where do you like to eat them after you ‘ve purchased them?


  1. My favourites are: What’s The Story, Morning Dory at Doonside, Basa Profundo at Greenacre, and Viva Hake, Plumpton.

  2. I have to say that McDonalds in Stanmore has the best chipppy wippies in the world. My sister went to fish mongers in Bondi and got sick on the road after words.

    There is something better that fish and chips – hot dogs! lots of sauce and loads of onions! only the best can make the best hot dogs.

  3. i tried kiwi at mascot. its awful. they use basa for the fish which is unsuitable for fish and chips becoming jelly like when cooked. staff here very polite though.

  4. Guys if u want real fish and chips go to 108 percival rd stanmore 2048. Best traditional fish and hand cut chips also hand cut scallop, wraped in paper👍.also traditional hamburgers old style

  5. Great north road seafoods on great north road in five dock… BEST fish n chips I’ve had in oz in 14 years. It’s in by Chinese and the chips taste exactly like chips from home. The batter is Percy and crunchy not like the normal flattenend bread kind everywhere else has and the fish is awesome. Love it. I took a pom there who agreed with me

  6. Ocean Foods at Drummoyne, great fish & chips plus various fish dishes, sushi, baked fish, lobster, greek style baby octopus.

  7. The best fish and chips is at Miranda. Great shop inside westfield Miranda called Fish Fair Grill. Great healthy grilled fish wirh salad and also large variety of salads. Well worth visiting.

  8. Epping Seafood is crap. The fish is wobbly, like it has been pre-treated in some unknown substance, like all gross out Sydney fish. (It’s so hard to find a normal fish now. Thank God we visited Bowral last holidays, where the fish was very very good. Shame, Sydney). The potato scallops have about a depth of 1mm of potato. The rest is a thin, tasteless batter that is soaked in oil. Gross.

  9. Port Hacking Seafood, 485 Port Hacking Rd, Caringbah South

    6 bucks for an enormous piece of grilled fish in Greek herbs – and a small serve of chips comfortably feeds 2 people, too

  10. Fish-a-liscious – Botany rd, Beaconsfield, next to Shell… And across from subway. Good variety of seafood, grilled or battered.

  11. Cloudy Bay Fish in Westfield Sydney on Level 5. Best hand cut double fried chips EVER! Crunchy and delicious! $7 a bowl. Yum. I want some now!!!!

  12. Ive been in Australia for a long time now and no fish and chips places here beat NZ’s. NZ has waaaaaay better food by far. ESPECIALLY fish and chips. everythings so much more fresher there!!

  13. [email protected]'s gone 2 Aus

    Another vote for Maroubra Salt Water
    944 Anzac Parade Maroubra 2035

    Better than everywhere else we’ve tried in Eastern Suburbs.

  14. The Boathouse at Palmie for sit in lunch or Bottom of the Harbour at Balmoral for takeaway to eat in the park on a summer evening!

  15. I was going to say this…Windsor fish & chips are the best I’ve ever had…totally worth driving out there.

  16. Alexandria Seafoods on Mitchell Road.
    As a great lover of fish and chips and having tried many all over Sydney, this one takes the cake. Or the chip I suppose.

  17. Is there anywhere in Sydney that does proper chips?

    All i’ve found is frozen ones :-(

    I want real potatoes cut up in the shop.

  18. I agree with Karen

    At present it’s these 2 win hands down.

    Maroubra Salt Water – 944 Anzac Parade Maroubra 2035
    9314-0546 near the old RSL.

    Kiwi style Fish and Chips – 895 Botany Road Mascot 2020
    9667-2499 just down from the Newmarket Hotel.

    About 12 years ago on Clovelly Rd near Fern St just down from the bottle shop was the best in Australia but that was then…..

  19. Have to agree that Fish Mongers at Manly is fantastic – beautifully cooked fish and good salads.

    For takeaway F&C, nothing beats Palm Beach Fish & Chips and eating them at sunset in the park opposite, overlooking Pittwater.

    Best chips in a restaurant: Glass Brasserie at Sydney Hilton makes the crispest shoestring chips which are absolutely irresistible.

  20. kiwi styles is one to try its at mascot and the food is beautiful there but the burgers are most mouth watering craving sensations anywhere around thats if you like NZ food :)

  21. Epping Seafood’s got my vote! They’re new owners since ~ June 2010.
    Have made the shop a more cosy place than before. I love their Barramundi Pack @ $13.90. Their fish burgers are also
    a great meal deal. Give them a go!

  22. Try Olde Fashioned Fish n Chips in Naremburn. The biggest Baramundies and the best Calamari you can get.

  23. Epping Seafood, just when you get down from the epping train station, can’t remember the shop number. not a brand new shop, I went there last week, best beer bettered fish ever had!!! Also with hand cut chips ^_^, eat with tarter sauce, awesome!!! Really surprised to find such good shop in such area.

  24. I’m now always on the lookout for a good fish and chips in Sydney. I was never really into fish and chips until I moved to NZ for a few years. Their average fish and chip shops would outdo many of the ‘rated’ fish and chip shops here.

    My criteria: the basic fish and chip package has got to be fresh fish, not frozen, freshly battered, the chips crisp and fluffy and the price reasonable. Chunky, moist, meaty pieces of fish. A crispy, non greasy, light batter. Preferably hand cut fresh potato chips. Haven’t come across a shop that does both for a reasonable price so would love to hear of them.

    So far have found the following that I would return to:
    Fisherman’s Wharf Woy Woy.
    Doyles Takeaways
    Oceans in Drummoyne

  25. I have to agree, i am a Doyles fan aswell.
    But they are a little pricey.
    Bottom of The Harbour, Balmoral, has nice fish & chips aswell, but they can get quite busy, and the wait is fairly tedious.
    I have to say that the best fish & chips in town, has to be Mongers at Bondi Beach or Manly Beach.
    A fantastic fish & chips, ( hand cut chips, i must add ) for $12.50.
    You can’t miss that.
    nothing better than a beautiful fish & chips on a beautiful Sydney beach.

  26. Salt n lemon, cnr of clovelly rd and Frenchmans rd, North Randwick. Awesome value and always meaty fish and quality hand carved chips

  27. best plate of chips are from Manly Kebab in Manly (they serve it with chicken salt!)
    best fish in a fish & chips combo are just next door’s.
    best fish and chips on one plate, i cant decide.

    i miss Sydney’s fish and chips! they suck here in the Philippines!

  28. In and around Sydney..

    Maroubra salt Water quality Seafood
    944 Anzac Parade Maroubra 2035

    Kiwi style Fish and Chips
    895 Botany Road Mascot 2020

    Revesby charcol chicken
    2 Marco Avenue Revesby 2212
    Don’t question the name, the chips and fish are yummy as..

    J and M Take Away
    203 The Boulevarde Fairfield Heights 2165

    Sydney fish Markets
    Bank Street Pyrmont
    so many to choose from..

    Good Places to go,

    local parks nearby, the beach if it’s close, at home or even in the car..

    If you prefer fancy fish and chips then that’s another scene altogether..