Who makes the best chicken wings in Sydney?


Nothing beats chicken wings, especially with beer. They certainly seem to be growing in popularity throughout Sydney, too – they’ve been on the menus of many pubs and bars for some time. The recent fad of American diner-style food in Sydney has seen them appearing in more and more eateries, so who do you rate as making the best chicken wings in Sydney?

Maybe you just like your chicken wings roasted and ready to eat with some particular dipping sauces, or cooked in a spicy style – you can’t beat spicy wings with an ice cold lager!

Perhaps you’re a fan of buffalo wings – that combination of deep fried chicken and melty cheese probably isn’t doing your arteries any favours, but who cares when it’s this delicious!

Let us know who you rate as making the best chicken wings in Sydney below.


  1. I’ve only had wings in 3 places in Sydney, but many in Canada.
    Hooters (went to Campbelltown) are my favorite, really crispy and fresh, the medium sauce is great and spicy but they also have a sauce range from no spice to very spicy so you can choose your heat, they als do BBQ and other sauces but hot sauce is the only one to order, really. The blue cheese dip is good too. You can also order a plate of 50 wings for about $50.
    Blue Plate, Neutral Bay come in second, an American restaruant who have some good stuff. They serve the wings with celery and a great blue cheese dip. The wings are crispy and the hot sauce has good hot heat.
    The Stuffed Beaver comes in third and was very disappointing. They aren’t bad but not what I was expecting. They wings are less crispy fried than the above and the sauce on them is rich in flavour and very hot, but I prefer the other sauces. The dip was the real let-down being a very creamy ranch dip which in my opinion doesn’t compare to blue cheese dip and overpowers the hot sauce flavour with the flavours in the ranch. The sevre is also not the best bang for your buck.


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