Who makes the best meat pies in Sydney?


Baking a perfect meat pie can be a true skill. Do you know of any bakeries and hotels that always have the first-class meat pie recipe – or do you prefer Four and Twenty pies?

List the best pies in Sydney!


  1. Joe said: “Forget Pie Face! D:”

    +1 I agree, Pie Face always give me heartburn, they are just a franchise selling cheap quality, mass factory produced pies, nothing special and not worthy of mention on this forum.

    Try Pie Tin in Newtown, it’s in Brown St (just off King St), one of the best pie places in Sydney and great value for money. They also have sweet as well as savoury pies. All their pies are made on the premises in small batches and from high quality ingredients.

    A few people have mentioned Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Harry’s pies are actually baked by Hannah’s Hot Pies in Ultimo, just across the road from the Powerhouse Museum, they are pretty good. Not as good as Pie Tin, but much better than Pie Tin or a supermarket frozen pie.

    If you are driving between Sydney and Canberra stop off at the Goulburn Bakery they have excellent pies and artesanal breads. If you want a drive up the coast the Bremen Patisserie in Umina has award winning pies, including his chili pie that is supposedly the hotest in Australia, you need to sign a disclaimer before you eat it. I’ve never tried that chili pie, but his other pies are great, I love the Butter Chicken pie. If you want to take a trip to the Blue Mountains stop off at the Schwarz Bakery in Wentworth Falls, another place for excellent pies.

  2. Best Pies is Clempton Park Bakery in Clempton Park try the best forget the rest baked daily on premises and no preservatives best beef piesand other flavors available.

  3. Pie Face is the best pie shop ever!! Have tried soo many pies.. As for the prices, they’re well worth it!!!

  4. harry’s cafe de wheels in Woolloomooloo or if you’re in the inner west the factory where they’re made has a canteen hanging off the side selling them too – next to Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo

    They’ve got Great hot dogs too, if you want to mix it up..

  5. Tough one… Pie Face is good, but the taste gets kinda ruined by its expensive prices

    there’s this one across my mate’s in Collaroy

  6. BallyBakehouse , North Balgowlah

    The mexican is amazing! The pepper steak also.

    Friendly staff and great coffee also:))

  7. OLIVER”S PIES AVALON – The best vegetarian pies ever, they are so yummy – the service is unreal as well – so friendly

  8. Pie Face, any of them. Get the chutney pie with potato and gravy, you’ll see what i mean.