Who is the best Sydney personal trainer?


If you want to get fit in this city, getting a Sydney personal trainer is often the way to go. They’ll push you much further than you’d ever have gone exercising on your own, and provide amazing motivation and guidance – but picking a decent personal trainer can be difficult without advice from others. So today, we’re looking for your personal experience with Sydney personal trainers. Can you recommend any which are great?

A good Sydney personal trainer knows how to push you hard, but not to a breaking point where you’re screaming in frustration! They’ll also understand your particular body type, the goals you’re trying to get to and how to assist with your eating habits. There’s way too many Sydney personal trainers that try to apply the same exercise regime to all of their clients without customising a program individually – so which Sydney personal trainers do you rate as the best?

Let us know which Sydney personal trainers you’ve tried, what types of programs they run, and why you’re happy to recommend them in the comments below.


  1. Without doubt the best trainer in Sydney is Robbie Hardy, proprietor of Emperor Fitness. Robbie changed a stressed old man into a “machine”. I lost 16kgsand kept it off for 5 years, lowered blood pressure and at 63 am fitter and stronger than at 30. Robbie is the master motivator, and is able to keep an easily bored client keen and enthusiastic over the last 5 years. Robbie works at Rushcutters Park, Belmore Park, Pyrmont and Macquarie St and specialises in one on one, group training, circuits and boxing. Well worth a go.

  2. Dan Adair at 98 Riley St is the BEST personal trainer. I have used many over the years and he is by far the best. Constantly changing up routines, challenging me, motivating me and never letting me get away with a slack workout. He is also a great guy with a wicked sense of humor.

    He has taken what I was doing 5 days a week at the gym and with 2 sessions a week with him my shape has changed more than ever before.

    Call him today!

  3. Better Being is has Sydney’s best personal trainers. They are all university qualified and have an extrememly broad range of knowledge across all aspects of fitness including nutrition and injury management and recovery. I have had people tell me that through their PT sessions and small group PT classes, they have found their spark for working out again and Better Being has made training fun for them again and gives them the results they want to achieve. I also have found them to tailor specific exercises in their small PT classes to suit those who are injured or who are not at the same level of fitness as others. This way no-one feels left out!

    Better Being’s trainers are all very welcoming and support you in every aspect of your lifestyle to make sure you achieve the outcomes you desire. Their PT programs consist of an inclusive initial health consultation at your home or location of choice so you are relaxed and comfortable. You are then provided with a report and plan for a specialised , tailored fitness program!


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