Who cooks Sydney’s best steak?


steakTime for the carnivores to speak up. Where is Sydney’s best steak?

Virtually every local pub has a weekly steak night, so you’ve probably had your fair share of decent steaks. Perhaps you’ve had a particularly delicious steak at a restauraunt or steakhouse around town.

Share your Sydney steak experiences with everyone else – who cooks ’em up best?


  1. The Cut Bar and Grill, part of The Argyle Exchange in The Rocks. Hands down best steak I’ve ever eaten.

  2. A surprisingly good steak at my local pub – the Salisbury Hotel, cnr Percival and Temple St Stanmore. It’s about $20 but totally worth it. Very big, juicy and served with wedges and crisp salad. Yum!

  3. Definitely Michael from The Meat & Wine Co at Darling Harbour. You might pay a bit more but the quality of meat and the skill of the chef makes it all worth it!

  4. Blue Plate at Neutral Bay. Specialise in southern style american ribs and steaks. Everyone is different of course, but the steak I had there out did both hurricanes and ribs and rumps. Only steak that betters it is moo moo’s up the gold coast, best Wagyu steak in Australia by a mile….but that’s not Sydney is it :)

  5. Have to say I have a couple places… The Brewhouse out west at Marayong cooks a magic steak and also I would recommend Braza at Newport… Awesome mix of steak and other meats Brazilian style. I’m a bit tied up in hospital after having a stroke but Chophouse is the first place on my agenda.


  6. I know it sounds crazy but the chef Louie at East’s Leagues Club in Bondi Junction can cook any cut of meat to perfection!

  7. Chophouse by a long way. rockpool avross the road not as good and more expensive. nice casual sunday lunch steak is mumu grill but chophouse wins easy. lee is also an awesome host. order the rangers valley rib eye on the bone unless the have a wagyu special. get lee to choose the wine for you too


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