Who are the best guitar teachers in Sydney?


Have you been considering acoustic guitar lessons in Sydney? Finding truly great acoustic guitar teachers who can work with beginners isn’t always easy, but let’s see if we can source some of Sydney’s best on this post.

It’s not just as simple as learning guitar, either. Are you thinking of something specific, like an electric guitar tutor? If you know which direction you want to head in musically, it will give you a good understanding of how to start learning guitar. It’s not just the instrument that’s important – you may need to seek out someone specific like a jazz guitar teacher.

There’s always a lot of debate over what’s more fun – participating in playing bass guitar, or electric guitar classes. They’ve both got their pros and cons and contribute their own groove and sound.

Playing guitar for beginners really is a lot of fun. Who would you recommend in Sydney for lead guitar lessons, or other specialist types of guitar learning?


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