Which train line in Sydney has the weirdest passengers and why?


It’s no secret that some train lines in Sydney have, shall we say, “eclectic” passengers.

If you’re looking at a Sydney train map… where do you think are the worst culprits for weird passengers? Don’t forget to comment with your favourite train passenger stories too.


  1. Blue Mtns line for sure. I once had a lady ask me if I wanted some Twisties and when I politely said no thanks she poured them on my lap and left, cackling. I also once saw a 3 year old kid singing S and M by Rihanna.

  2. I think no matter what line you take you’re bound to find some “interesting” people. The south line is always a cultural experience for anyone living in the city suburbs.

  3. The tedious stop-at-every-station Blue Mountains to Katoomba packs in more weirdos than any train I have ever known. (and I have travelled on the Daylight Express, the Brisbane XPT, the Indian Pacific, the Palace on Wheels, the Chittagong Mail, Nairobi-Mombasa Night “Express” among others).

  4. Newcastle line – teenagers traveling in the toilets, boys wearing makeup and adults who sit on the edge seat refusing to let anyone sit next to them.

  5. Central Coast/Newcastle line. There are so many 18-21 year olds that come into the city on a Friday or Saturday night who are always mucking about, making so much noise and dirtying the trains.

  6. Bankstown line for sure… I once saw someone dry their wet construction socks on the window, it cleared the carriage out real fast…