Which Sydney suburbs are worst for potholes on the road?


There’s nothing worse than driving up Sydney roads at high speed, then – KA-THUNK! You’ve damaged your car by speeding directly into a pot hole. Potholes on the road are much worse in some areas of Sydney than others, so where do you rate as the worst roads and suburbs?

Sometimes pot hole damage can be so serious that you need to organise repairs. Which Sydney roads seem to have potholes so severe that they should almost be avoided completely? And if you’ve got stories of your own pot hole damage that you’ve suffered, we want to hear about it!

Share your thoughts on the worst Sydney streets and suburbs for potholes on the road below.


  1. I can recall having been a passenger in flat tyre incidents and even not so mediocre accidents but of late nothing much to speak of, great topic no less!


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