Which Sydney suburb doesn’t deserve its dodgy reputation?


Some suburbs are well known for having a particularly bad reputation. Which supposedly worst suburb in Sydney has changed its reputation lately and no longer deserve its bad reputation?

It could be the part of town has undergone urban renewal, or perhaps new facilities have been built.

What part of town gets your vote?


  1. All of them?
    I moved back to Sydney after 10 years away last year. When I left Gladesville was one people turned their nose up about. Not now.

  2. i’m voteing campbeltown. I have been living here for 4 years and find it amazing. People are friendly, shops everywhere, good schools, clean as anything, and safer than ever before. I have never had a problem nor have i ever heard any other resident complain. It’s really one of if not the best suburb to bring up your kids with plenty of parks and so many things to do.