Who makes the best desserts in Sydney?


We’re on the hunt for the greatest restaurants in Sydney to go for dessert. Regardless of if it’s a sweet dessert or something more savory, there’s many Sydney restaurant that does them best.

When dining in Sydney, the greatest dessert can come in many a form – pastry, puddings, creme desserts – it could be you’ve got the word on who serves the best ice cream in Sydney!

Whether it’s smaller desserts or massive desserts to go – tell us all where you think the best Sydney desserts are located.


  1. Queens Park Pizza, 3/16 Maroubra Road, Maroubra
    THE best creme brulee I’ve tasted, like, EVER… It’s made to a Portuguese recipe, I’m told, and with a splash of preserved orange peel…

  2. Catalina at Rosebay have an AMAZING dessert platter. The creme brulee was the highlight. Also The Winery have amazing desserts – double choc brownie with vanilla bean icecream and fairyfloss.