Which Sydney area has the worst mobile phone coverage?


Which parts of town in Sydney have you angry at a lack of mobile phone coverage – and just how painful are they?

It doesn’t matter if you’re with Telstra, Virgin or someone else – we’ve all got different opinions on who is the best mobile phone company.

But where is the most shocking locality for mobile phone coverage in Sydney, and which company are you with?


  1. Marrickville with Optus … absolutely hopeless. Service often fails, SMS undelivered, voice garbled and calls drop out


  2. Ultimo – Vodafone during peak hours!

    Plus Newtown – King street (always dropouts) no wonder their Vodafone store closed this year.

  3. As soon as you head out of a suburb centre or city centre, Optus and Vodafone will both tend to drop 3G, and leave you with slow 2G. Their 3G just can’t handle Sydney’s hilly suburbs.

  4. Optus and Virgin mobile gets the worst coverage in Macquarie Uni Village. And sometimes the uni. Had fights with provider for months cos they said the area has good coverage.