Which square kilometre of Sydney has the most wankers?


typical-yuppieYour definition of what makes a wanker may be different to everyone else – but you know one when you see one.

Certain areas of Sydney are absolutely chockers with wankers… the population needs to be warned.

Let’s settle this once and for all – name and shame the square kilometre of Sydney which features the highest concentration of wankers, and give your evidence why.


  1. @Zubutsa Yes the reason I say Balmain is because I went to highschool there (but never actually lived in the area) and my god, it was just chock-a-block full of snotty lil try-hard wankers. Their father’s were like uber wealthy barristers/ CEO executives etc and yet these kids somehow thought they were ‘ghetto gangsters’?? And half the people in my year ended up becoming herion addicts, no joke! ..so glad I changed schools. Definately the fakest of all the wasp areas. At least in Newtown, Bondi etc they’re not in denial about the gentrification.

  2. I agree with the people who say Balmain, per capita Balmain has one of the highest concentrations of pretentious wankers in Sydney. They far outwank the fedora hat wearing hipsters of Newtown or the tanned xenophobes of the Northern Beaches or the botox filled millionaires of the Eastern Suburbs. Runners up to Balmain would be Mosman and definately Castle Hill. North Western Sydney is not only the city’s bible belt but it has always had it’s fair share of wankers, a real keep up with the Joneses materialistic, showy mentality and loads of idiots driving around in humongous four-wheel drives that never leave a sealed road.

  3. Newtown, hipsters talking about Kony and the east Africa crisis. Then get on their iPhones and tweet about how there Vietnamese food tasted better in Vietnam.

  4. Mosman. Sure, inner city has hipster wankers, but for true monied wankers and try-hards? Mosman.


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