Which restaurant in Sydney turns you into a human food vacuum?


You’re aware of this kind of eatery. They have monstrous serving sizes and you simply need a big nap afterwards. It’s simply too flavorful.

No matter if it’s an eatery in the CBD or inner suburbs, smorgasbord or fine dining – which Sydney restaurant transforms you into an unstoppable food hoover because it’s so delicious?


  1. Zushi at Crown & Campbell, Surry Hills. Their $10-$15 lunch specials are just as big & super tasty as the dinner menu…

  2. Brazilian BBQ at Darling quarter, Hurricanes Bondi Beach, Ischi Ban Boshi Bondi Junction, Kellys Bar & Grill Bondi Junction.

  3. Places that make people gorge – if it has a toothpick in it then it’s free and all bets are off.

  4. Jasmin’s in Lakemba. The best felafels in Sydney! Don’t take more than $12 per person or you risk eating yourself into a food coma…

  5. Jasmin’s in Lakemba- feed a greedy family of 5 to the gills for under $90!
    Dynasty at Canterbury Leagues Club- Yum cha in a lovely setting
    Lynns Shanghai at Catlereagh Club- greatest dumplings!