Which restaurant has the largest food servings in Sydney?


Screw your diet! Every now and then, it’s okay to pig out on a ridiculously enormous meal… so who do you reckon has the largest food servings in Sydney?

American-style diners in Sydney are usually your first port of call here – enormous burgers and fries will fill you up easily. There’s also a number of chain restaurants which have famously large servings – which are your favourites?

However, local suburban restaurants are often the best places to go for massive servings of delicious mains. Where are your favourite locals when it comes to massive serving sizes, and why are they so delicious?

Share your favourites for the largest food servings in Sydney in our comments below.


  1. white cockatoo hotel petersham the biggest servings in sydney for schnitzel and steaks and a affordable price

  2. Big John’s in Sans Souci, more quantity than quality, but if you’re into that then this your place! Huge everything including T-Bones, biggest I’ve seen.

  3. Any buffet restaurant where you can serve yourself and decide on how much food you want to take will have the largest serving sizes in Sydney (or the smallest) it’s really up to you.


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