Which pub in Sydney has the best range of beer on tap?


There’s something to be said for the growing trend of bars who are moving towards craft beer and microbrews, away from the large brand name beer that has always been so popular in the past. Which bars or breweries in Sydney do you reckon have the best range of beer on tap these days?

The pub brewery is an obvious choice – these venues always have a great selection of beer on tap, but they’re hardly everywhere throughout Sydney (unless you’re going on a brewery tour of some sort).

Other bars are starting to specialise in tap beer of a very specialised type – for example, only Belgian beer.

Which pub or bar in Sydney has the best range of beer on tap?


  1. Union Hotel, Newtown.. With a massive 22 taps two of which are hand pumps and beers rangeing from Holgate, Murrays, Vale, Mountain Goat, Young Henrys, Two Birds, Lord Nelson, 4 Pines, Feral, Doctors Orders and Stone & Wood (thats just to name a few) The pub also has Carlton, Reschs, Hahn Super Dry and Coopers for the non craft beer lovers. They get some good local Bands and some great known ones too on thursday nights “Proper Music Social” and my fav is the sunday bluegrass sessions. Beers range from $6 – $9 and tasteing paddles for $18. So with all that said this pub HANDS DOWN is the title holder of craft beer in Sydney

  2. Best range, with up to 20 craft beers on tap every day of the year from all over Australia and around the world is the Local Taphouse, 122 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst.

    Other pubs worthy of mention are:
    Union Hotel, 576 King Street, Newtown – around a dozen of Australia’s finest
    Harts Pub, 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks – 4-5 from Rocks Brewing Co and up to 9 from elsewhere in Oz
    Redoak Beer Boutique, 201 Clarence Street, CBD – All their own stuff but cover a huge range of beer styles excellently

  3. Start at the lord nelson and then duck down to the Belgian beer cafe in the rocks. no need to go any further;-)


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