Which closed-down store in Sydney do you miss?


As the city becomes more populated, tinier boutique operations are eventually shoved aside – or perhaps just vanish. There’s lots of stores which a lot of residents miss.

Which store do you really wish was still in business? Perhaps there’s a long-closed eatery you find yourself reminiscing about, or a special little shop you adored.


  1. El Moey & Sons – unassuming Lebanese sweet shop at Surry Hills. I’ve never found another ladies’ arm that tastes as good as theirs (I’ve been looking).

  2. Definitely miss ‘London Mews’ from St James Arcade next to DJ’s Was delightful seller of all things @LibertyLondon

  3. JEREMYVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Another, which I can’t remember the name.. I’m sure it’s gone.. The name consisted of 3 words & it was on Oxford St.. Adorable fashion! GREAT sale prices- adorable brown heels with orange spots for $20?!
    I think the name possibly had the word ‘tree’ in it! Damn! :(

  4. Koreatown on Pitt St. There was a strip of shops right behind the Galleries Victoria. Everything was less than $20 and it makes me so sad it’s gone :(

  5. Remos! Used to be on the Corner of Crown and Oxford and sold the most eclectic selection of stuff – loved it. Come Back Remo