Which area of Sydney has been overrun by hipsters?


You’ve seen them around with their pipecleaner jeans and crazy haircuts.

But which neighbourhood of Sydney has been totally a magnet for hipsters in Sydney?


  1. Sydney’s full ofhipsters especially newtown and anywhere close to it.I can’t explain my anger towards these brainless gronks I hope someone ploughs through king street with enough ammo to put a dent in the hipster trend

  2. Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. (Summer Bay)
    This is where they breed wankers, and once they are able to wank for themselves they are let lose on the rest of Sydney.
    Someone should set up a Kramer style bus tour of the place, around midday week days, in the main drag to see all the luvvies and actor / artists celebrity wannabee’s blocking the streets with their outdoor dining all the while feigning not wanting to be seen lest they are mobbed by the great unwashed ie. whats left of the locals.

  3. Newtown is full of hipsters, sure. I live in Newtown but Nicholas, I’m a “normal person”. I reckon you’ll find a lot of jerk hipsters in the eastern suburbs.

  4. Alexandria is where it’s happening at the moment. Ch7, Pacific Magazines , Studios 301 and a burgeoning community of creatives.

  5. Would have to agree, it’s Newtown. If you think hipsters are elsewhere, they are probs just visiting from Newtown.