Which are the best Sydney suburbs to work in?


If you’re lucky enough to be working in a profession where you can pick and choose the location of your job, you might be lucky enough to find a workplace that’s a bit closer to home. But does the comfort of working in your local suburb compare to office jobs in Sydney city, where you have easy access to thousands of shops and services as well?

Perhaps you live on the north shore, and can recommend North Sydney as a good location to work – it’s built up enough that you have access to many businesses and some decent restaurants, but it’s a slightly shorter commute than going all the way into the CBD.

Or perhaps you’ve landed a south west Sydney job and can recommend Parramatta as a great central hub to work in…

If you had your pick, which Sydney suburbs would you recommend as the best ones to work in?


  1. Penrith… at the foot of the Blue Mountains, many parks and Nepean River all at your door when it’s your lunch break. Ah to be free…


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