Where’s the best place to be in Sydney during a thunderstorm?


Reckon you know the best place to get a vantage point of a spectacular Sydney thunderstorm?

Perhaps you’ve got a tip on a nice, secluded place to scuttle away to during a flash storm.

Maybe you know somewhere that makes for the ideal romantic place during a storm.


  1. at Milson’s Point, the perfect view of the clouds rolling in over the harbour city. hell of a backdrop for the light show as well.

  2. Port Botany… Awesome to see the planes landing whilst the lighting is striking the water between Port Botany and Brighton-Le-Sands

  3. Strapped to an antenna on centrepoint tower with a camera…And somehow being immune to actually being hit by a lightning…

  4. Maybe not to watch the actual storm – but watching people get rained on from the windows of Kinokuniya is pretty amusing.


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