Where is the most epic place you’ve vomited in Sydney?


vomiting_clownThis was too good a question suggestion not to run. It probably won’t be pretty, but everyone’s got a good Sydney vom story.

So – where is the most epic place that you or a friend have vomited in this city? Any interesting stories to tell?


  1. Sydney Jazz fesitval at the domain… Infront of 3 families enjoying a day out, I didn’t leave a good impression on their frizzby.

  2. Against the QVB at about Midday. Never forget the guys passing by, yelling “Oh my god dude that guy just fully sicked!”

  3. i haven’t vomited in sydney (yet!) but when i first moved here, discovered someone had puked in the elevator of our apartment building. grossest thing ever.

  4. It would have to have been as a youn punk punk rocker when you could drink in newtown square… Ohh and then there was the time on a packet peak hour train and coming out of a bar after an all niter…


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