Where is the best pub or bar in Sydney?


Everyone has an opinion on their favourite pub or bar. So exactly where do you reckon is the best bar or pub for a beer in Sydney?

There is plenty of unrelated things which can make a outstanding pub in Sydney: a beer garden, a pub restaurant… even a house beer. Whether you’re looking for a tavern-style pub or something a little more classy… there’s plenty around to suit everyone’s preferences.

But what matters is what you reckon is the best pub in Sydney. Who wins the award for Sydney best pub in your view?



  1. Agreed – Grandma’s, hands down. It’s quirky, the Grandkids are welcoming, and the cocktails are unique (and potent!). Love it!

  2. The riverview in balmain for nice atmosphere and beers. The Lord Nelson in the rocks great start to a Saturday night the Australian in the rocks great place to go as well.
    Actually most of the pubs in balmain are a sure thing for a good night

  3. This is definitely about personal taste. For a quiet one where you’ll be left alone at any hour it has to be “Charlie Chan’s” on George St. For that Cheers style bar where everybody knows your name it’s The Tea Gardens, Bondi Junction, preferably their CIRCA Bar upstairs and for something a little nicer it’s The Beresford in Surry Hills

  4. 4 pines in Manly. As it is a microbrewery, the beer is fresh and comes in pints! their white beer is the best! They do a great bowl of yummy mussels, or a generous ploughmans with great cheese! Mmmmmmmm