Where is the best nudist beach in Sydney?


Well, nudist beaches in Sydney certainly aren’t for everyone. But for those who’ve been brave enough to try them out, they’ll tell you that nothing beats being in the great outdoors in your birthday suit. So if you’re one of those folks, here’s your chance to make a recommendation – where do you rate as the best nudist beaches in Sydney?

Let’s be clear, though – there’s only three nudist beaches in Sydney that we’re aware of, so there’s not exactly hundreds to choose from. Perhaps the most well-known nudist beach around town is Cobblers Beach on Sydney Harbour. It seems a little more friendlier to families, if that’s your thing.

Just nearby Cobblers Beach is Obelisk Beach. This seems to attract more of a gay crowd and is rather small compared to the other two nudist beaches in Sydney.

Finally, there’s Lady Bay Beach, near Watsons Bay. It’s the oldest nudist beach in Sydney.

If you’ve visited any of these, which can you recommend as the best nudist beach in Sydney?



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