Where is the best hidden quiet place in Sydney’s CBD?


If you’re experiencing a tough day and find yourself unable to leave the CBD – where do you hide in?

Is there a hidden bar or shop that makes for a great little chill out zone?

It could be there’s a certain area of a particular park near the city that’s brilliant to chill out in.

Or maybe you’ve found a little location inside a building that is a good silent thinking place.


  1. Small garden out the back of MLC Centre — not stunning but peaceful, uncrowded and bang in the heart of town.

  2. The Tea House in the White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale. It’s only open from Thursday to Sunday, a very peaceful spot.

  3. The harbour end of the wharf opposide Sebel Pier One (maybe it’s Pier Two?). It’s usually not used except for the odd fisherman. Sit and watch the boats and listen to the water splashing around the pier with the bridge looming. Plus, tourists don’t really go to the west side of the bridge.

  4. Customs House library reading room. Or the man-o-war steps by the opera house (as long as the tourists groups aren’t there!)

  5. Thumbs up for the Hickson Rd suggestions under the Harbour Bridge. Fragrance Garden, behind Cook Phillip Park is a good one too…

  6. The cafe in the Law Court building. Publicly accessible, gives you a brilliant view of Hyde Park from above. Incredible view with towering skyscrapers and St Mary’s Cathedral rising above the tree tops of the park.

  7. Museum, library, or maybe Hyde Park. There are actually plenty outdoor quiet place around the city during weekend.

  8. could you possibly describe exactly where the garden above the foodcourt is?? or link me the location on google maps?? cos i can find the amp centre…and phillip street, but i cant find amp building..

  9. I just Google Mapped the garden between AMP Centre and it looks great. Might have to take my lunch there on Monday :)

  10. The garden above the foodcourt between AMP Centre and AMP Building – only access is via stairs next to the bus stop in Phillip Street. Rarely anyone there.

  11. Go for a walk around Balmain! The people are lovely, and it’s always pleasant and peaceful. And an abundance of lovely cafes

  12. yep…..the under the bridge comment….what a great place in the park looking over the water at the Opera House…………sigh……..cant wait to come back to this awe inspiring place xxxxxxSydney

  13. The Ultimo Pedestrian Network (between the ABC Building and UTS) has many benches under trees to sit and enjoy lunch, plus read the news headlines on the digital display on the ABC Building.