Where is the worst train station in Sydney?


Everyone’s got theories on how we can advance Sydney’s rail system. However which Sydney railway station do you believe ranks as the most ghastly?

Is it located in the city or elsewhere? How would you better it?


  1. Kings Cross Station. As soon as you come out there is the injecting room across the road. The Cross is a terrible place at night.

  2. I agree with Sam.
    I hate Town hall, it is so crowded and dirty.

    My favourite stations are Sydenham, Central and Picton.

  3. Rockdale. Good luck getting off the train during morning peak hour – absolutely no one waits for people to get off before getting on.

  4. The most beautiful ones: Museum, Milsons Point, Roseville, any station on the new Chatswood to Epping Line.

  5. I don’t mind Town Hall, it’s very confusing yes. But I like how busy and crowded it is, feels like a New York subway station. Admittedly though it smells like one too

    My vote for worst would be Central Station. Pretty victoria building on the outside, but inside it’s just steel. And on the George Street side, there is this long horrible walk through an ugly tiled hallway. Chalmers Street entrance looks great outside, but walk in and it’s a dilapidated ugly mess.

  6. The main Gate leading to Rosehill Station is jammed. Access to the station is via Car park 4. The area
    is unkempt and uninviting.

  7. I really want to point out stations between Sutherland & Cronulla, they are the worst! Sutherland Shire train stations are like the most least developed. There is like nothing! No ticket scanning machines, etc. Especially during the 3:31 and 3:44pm trains only normal days except for Friday (2:20 to 2:40). It is so cramped, I dont have to walk and let go of the ground and people just hold me and push me forward, it is like squished! The door jams on people about three times. Plus there are no new trains on this line, most are those old ones and a few are Tangara.

  8. Town Hall indeed. Nasty, dark, hot, cramped. It’s made me want to throw myself on the tracks more than once before.

  9. Town Hall. What’s not wrong with it? If i may quote from my own blog, and I think I may:

    I’m not just talking about the hideous green and yellow tiles, the rats, the wooden escalators, the rusting safety barriers and the smell (what on Earth must foreign visitors think of a prime transport link in Australia’s biggest, most important city?). According to Railcorp itself, “the station [is] a serious danger to the public” due to its lack of exits and overcrowding (and, presumably, those wooden escalators). The thought of what would happen if there was a major disaster down there has darkly crossed my mind on more than a few occasions. Town Hall station could actually be one of the greatest dangers to the Australian public at the moment. And what is the response from our illustrious state goverment?

  10. Town Hall without a shadow of a doubt, badly designed, at least 20 degrees hotter than outside on a sweltering summer day, and not enough benches – close it, and start again

  11. I agree with KarLos, Town Hall is very confusing if you don’t use it regularly.

    My vote for worst suburban, would be Hurstville. It is in need of a makeover, and can be a little confusing too.

  12. I would also have to say Town Hall. It smells, there are rats, it would be an absolute death trap if there was ever a fire…