Where is Sydney’s worst suburb for McMansions?


We’ve all seen specific suburbs of Sydney which are popping up with miles upon miles of large buildings that are far too mammoth for any regularly sized family. Your usual McMansion floor plans seem more like a manor than a house.

Analysts bicker about their effectiveness in managing intelligent growth of neighbourhoods. It’s better to have a humble house, they announce – particularly in the housing market we’re looking at. But there’s countless areas out there filled with these kinds of homes.

It could be they’re on their way out of style – a quick browse at resources similar to Realestate.com.au displays many McMansions for sale today.

So where’s the worst neighbourhood in Sydney filled with Mc Mansions and why?


  1. That large belt stretching from Schofields to Cherrybrook — an endless shower of cookie-cutter bogan-storage domiciles, strip malls, 4WDs and god-botherers. Way to go, Sydney!

  2. The new release estates aren’t that bad, IMO. There actually is a community feeling for the residents who live there. On the other hand, I don’t understand the idea of having a huge mansion which takes up the entire block. Far better to have a back yard. So the housing developments are ok, in my book, but the houses themselves need to be smaller with more yard space.

  3. the new release estates in the Hills district.

    I…just….can’t…do…it. It irks me. Yes modern living, but it some homes are excessive, seriously excessive. It leaves me flat wondering how some people can afford it. If I had that much cash I personally wouldn’t be living in some of these areas. Bloody dessert, no trees, eaves next to each other and a sense of ‘I’ve made it’. *vomit*