Where is Sydney’s most strange, weird or unusual bar or pub?


There are many one of a kind Sydney bars. If you’re visiting and searching for things to do, or are just a local visiting your local drinking venue, there’s a lot of Sydney pubs and bars to select from.

However, there’s also some pretty unique bars around town. Where do you believe is the most unique bar in Sydney? Whether it’s George Street in the CBD, or somewhere else like Darling Harbour… add yours in comments below.


  1. Stitch bar in wynyard. Have the bar under a seamstress shop and the whole sewing pattern wallpaper decor – pretty funky.

  2. 2 places I find weird, but also LOVE because of their difference would be: ScuBar and Good God. Haha.

  3. At the moment I’d say the Excelsior hotel is very weird. Now that it’s ‘El Loco’, it’s a very unusual balance between a wood panel irish style bar and a mexican fiesta. Still fun though.