Where is the most dangerous traffic in Sydney?


Whether you’re driving in traffic or a cyclist, there are some dangerous areas of traffic in Sydney.

Even with traffic law in NSW, everyone still witnesses vehicle accidents in Sydney regularly.

At which location do you see repeated ignorance of road traffic law or driving offences? How would you fix the problem?


  1. All roads lead to Pennant Hills Road!
    Marsden Road becomes Pennant Hills Road and the intersection of Marsden & Stewart is frightening.
    The intersection is extremely dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.
    Stewart Road is also Kissing Point Road and the turn off from Silverwater Road.
    All trucks coming from West use this to go up to Newcastle Central coast and further North.
    Trucks hurtle along Marsden at frightening speeds and there are idiots stopping to turn into their houses on a double line on a bend! This is madness for everyone as a truck going so illegally fast cannot stop in time.There have been a few fatalities on the corner of Marsden & Terry as well. Just last year a pedestrian was killed while walking with her family on a Sunday afternoon on the pavement.

  2. Pennant hills road between f3 and m2. Major truck freight route to central coast, newcastle and all points north. it has skinny lanes, pot poles, school zones and no alternative for anyone driving from the western two thirds of the Sydney metro area, you know that bit where the politicians don’t live.

  3. Pacific Highway, at the corner of Post Office Road, Pymble – travelling towards the city from Hornsby. There are no markings (arrows) on the road and insufficient signage to tell drivers that the left lane is going to veer left onto Grandview. Every morning, without fail, there are near accidents. Who do you tell about this to get it fixed. Hopefully, this site will be checked by the proper authorities.

  4. Although far from the most dangerous, I’m voting for the ridiculous right lane exits off the M5 East. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to have low-speed exiting traffic crisscrossing with high-speed continuing traffic should be shot. A moronic solution to traffic flows.

  5. high st and anzac pde, kensington. no signs or road markers to tell you where you can or more dangerously can’t turn from, so people make it up.

    also south dowling street and lachlan street in waterloo. people always try to drive straight ahead from the turning lane with no regard for safety.