Where is Sydney’s most dangerous place?


Without getting too unhumorous, where’s somewhere in Sydney that you’re usually a little on edge about visiting?

It doesn’t have to be an entire area – perhaps there’s a unusually suspect pub, street or vicinity that you always avoid.

Share any cautionary stories you have and let everyone know. Keep it light, though, we’re not here to drag down everyone :)

Note: keep it nice – any racist comments will be removed.


  1. Mount druitt…shalvey …wilmot…doonside…rosemeadow..bidwill..claymore..guildford..auburn ..bankstown..maquarie fields …st marys…not very good areas researched…

  2. Mount druitt…shalvey …wilmot…doonside…rosemeadow..bidwill..claymore..guildford..auburn ..bankstown..maquarie fields …st marys…not very good areas researched…

  3. Mount druitt…shalvey …wilmot…doonside…rosemeadow..bidwill..claymore..guildford..auburn ..bankstown..maquarie fields …st marys…not very good areas researched…

  4. Green Valley,Miller,Heckenberg,Guildford,Merrylands….the Bible-Belt of Social Security (Welfare)…..depressing and Miserable Areas…but the Trophy goes to Fairfield,if the World had a bum-hole it’s Fairfield….the President of Welfare and Drive-bys..

  5. My husband and I are planning to move to luxford in Mt druitt, but a lot of friends and family has been warning us about it.we have 2 kids (8 and 4),and im worried about our safety. Anyone from Mt Druitt here?

  6. Hi,
    We are looking at buying a property at The Esplanade Guildford.. Read all your comments and few have mentioned its quite dangerous at Guildford & merrylands areas. I have a 7 yr old and 2 yr old. Getting worried now. Please suggest if I should go ahead and buy that property or leave it.. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  7. Interesting list, as of 2015 though Liverpool and the 2770 postcode area seem to stand out: quite scary in some areas, like Shalvey you actually see WARNING SIGNS UP IN THE STREET about domestic violence and a help line number! Looks like a full-scale slum like an American movie in LA! But good the help is there I guess.

    Yeah some parts of Maroubra and Matraville have heaps of problems, it’s not just SW Sydney. In SW Sydney it’s mainly certain areas along Canterbury Road to around Liverpool, including Campsie that have more problems. SOME OTHER PARTS OF SW SYDNEY ARE QUITE PLEASANT AND GREEN.

    George Street in Sydney CBD and around Wynyard train station isn’t particularly good, massive alcohol-related violence problems although it has reduced. I guess with the changes in liquor laws this may move the problems to Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.

    There’s different types of danger, including: targeted (ie attacker knows the person) and random/oppourtunistic. Random overall and opportunistic including robberies and rapes I reckon is generally of more concern to the wider community.

  8. I lived in Campbelltown (Macarthur area) for nearly 10 years. In that time we had:
    -drive by shooting at the corner shop down the road (no fatality)
    -Garden shed raided & lawnmower stolen
    -nature reserve behind our yard set on fire 1/2 dozent times
    – attempted break and enter of house (we got home just in time)
    -people breaking into cars out the front of our house releasing the handbrake and letting cars roll down the hill and smash
    -rocks thrown on my windscreen from a hill at night and window smashed ($250 repairs)
    -attempted carnapping on moving family car / This was in the 1990’s. I’m out of space…good luck with your visit!
    -one last one I have to mention : someone actually shot at the train carriage I was in on the way home from work one day .Glass everywhere but no fatality .(That was just before the Liverpool train station though)

  9. You all sound like babies. Bondi? Manly? Really? I live in Guildford West. A couple weeks ago, a guy was arrested in the street next to mine for stabbing his girlfriend to death in her car with scissors. I have heard gun shots, found syringes, seen drag racing, bashings and lots more. I once saw a woman slam a man’s head into the floor until he didn’t get up. My list is:
    – Fairfield
    – Guildford West
    – Merrylands

  10. Banks town there for 9 days/8nights and there was 1 shooting, 3 stabbings and 2 bashings all within 3 nights.

  11. today i was at auburn and it is really scary this random guy legit stopped and stared at me for like 2 minutes and like there are all these thug gangs that look like they just robbed someone

  12. Here’s my list xD
    (Not in any order)

    Surry Hills
    Mt Druitt
    Black town

  13. Dear MacDonalds Worker you haven’t a clue I have lived half my life in Manly, Queenscliff and Mosman and they are safest places to live doesn’t matter whether its day or middle of the night. Completely safe and feel very comfortable walking around in the small hours of the morning with no problem at all. But all the places you mention you have lived you wouldn’t catch me dead in them. So much more crime out west than in the North.

  14. Grew up in Mt Druitt for nearly 15 of my 17 years of life (now live in Perth), and spent most of my time hanging out at places like Bankstown, Lidcombe, Ashfield, Cabramatta, Merrylands, Blacktown, Granville and such, and never experienced any issues there at all. It’s mostly hype from the media that makes these places “dangerous’ (maybe Bankstown, Mt Druitt, Granville are exceptions to an extent, but like I said, I never had any problems with these places and I spent thousands of hours in these types of places).

    Now, for my list, I’ll vote:


  15. Redfern is the worst suburb of sydney Followed Closly Behind By Mt Druitt & Blacktown Espically all the train stations out west

  16. I hate how the entirety of southwest Sydney is interpreted by everyone based on what happens in Bankstown and Liverpool. I live in the southwest and I can assure you that areas closer to the Shire such as Hammondville, holdworthy and wattle grove are beautiful. The people are friendly, the houses are nice and it safe to go for a walk at night. It is ideal for young families. Seriously though go to miller or Liverpool and then then go to Hammondville and see the difference for yourself.

  17. St George is dangerous, it’s the inner-city suburbs/area with a lot of big note criminals and some petty thugs.
    Media scrambles to a shooting in west Sydney, but overlooks all the homicides in St George area and the CBD. Pathetic.

  18. I’ve been to Sydney I found it quite nice not like my home in Chi town my friend is going to move to perinth a school in west Sydney she’s worried what’s so scary. There do they beat helpless women do they pop guns why do some of fear for your life I know pain I know death if some hurts her I will go there and crack skulls the Chi town way

  19. Look…I live in campbelltown at the moment and I was actually really scared of coming here but when I went to campbelltown mall everyone was SO nice…they are friendly

    Everyone stop listening to social media!

    Everyone thinks campbelltown is a scary dangerous place WELL it isn’t so take CAMPBELLTOWN OFF THE LIST !

    Social media is FAKE

  20. There isn’t ANYTHING wrong with Bankstown, Lakemba, Belmore or Fairfield. How about you stop listening the media and actually come down to the southwest and see how it really is?

  21. I’m not originally from Sydney, though now I find myself living in the Blacktown region, and certainly wouldn’t recommend visiting the train station unless you ABSOLUTELY have too.

    Unfortunately I don’t feel safe here, nor do I feel safe heading out Mt Druitt way. My partner has lived here his entire life, and though he says he feels safe he also references to the fact that ‘he doesn’t trust anyone’ and ‘everyone is dodgy’ …. which in my opinion is, him acclimatising appropriately to living in a typically unsafe area.

    ON THE FLIP SIDE – My family have lived in Quakers Hill/Marayong since before it was built up (as in no housing at all) and – they LOVE it, wouldn’t move anywhere else if you paid them, and they DO feel VERY safe…

    So everyone experiences things differently, and theres every chance that I don’t ‘feel’ safe because i’ve read/heard stories and learnt to be apprehensive, but maybe I am perfectly safe here…??

  22. Blacktown, St Marys and Mt Druitt are the crime infested suburbs of the west, while Auburn, Redfern, Cambeltown are some other places you wouldnt want to spend much time in.

  23. As of 2010, Lakemba, Claymore and Auburn were listed as the poorest neighbourhoods in Sydney. Anywhere around Bankstown, Fairfield, Greystanes, and Mt Druitt are generally pretty rough, but there are small fancy developments around some of these areas.

  24. The Sydney cbd or the area surrounding central station past midnight. But discounting the city its more about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And generally the areas surrounding train stations are slightly more risky. Obviously the eastern suburbs and the north shore are safer than anywhere else but they are also filled with posh wankers, which to me is far worse then a couple of odd robbings or bashings.

  25. Anywhere between George Street and the Blue Mountains. And anywhere within a kilometre of a Western Sydney Wanderers game

  26. I’ve lived in Campbelltown all my life & have never had any problems, I think people just think it’s more dangerous than it is cos of the media portraying it that way, you get your idiots but no more than anywhere else

  27. Anywhere can possibly be dangerous, though if you are traveling in Redfern, stay out of Eveleigh Street. Central Station has the highest robberies and assault rates on trains, which by the way trains have graffiti, window etchings and are quite dirty… but public transport is good… avoid traveling on trains late at night, early morning (1am-5am) as these hours are when most assaults etc. occur. I really don’t want to scare you, Sydney is a beautiful city and I love it!! I live here and haven’t experienced anything major to worry about! :-) Just keep your wits about you and you should be fine!

  28. Blacktown and surrounding suburbs
    Mt Druitt and surrounding suburbs
    Auburn and surrounding suburbs
    Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs
    The Block at Redfern

  29. Kings Cross at midnight.
    Runners up, Redfern.
    And eastern suburbs, while not really dangerous, there’s a rudeness and arrogance that makes one feel unwelcome.

  30. Lakemba is not a scary place at all – people need to stop listening to the media so much and go to these places to see that the people are just the same as everywhere else, sorry to disappoint you.

  31. Auburn? I lived in Auburn almost all my life… I was actually born in Auburn… I really want to know what was it that you found was scary in Auburn?

  32. South West Sydney i.e.-
    Macquarie Fields

    Other parts of Sydney: