Where are the best bike paths and trails in Sydney?


If you are a bicycle aficionado in Sydney, you’ve probably got a mental map of the best bicycle routes in Sydney.

Maybe you’ve just purchased a new bike from a Sydney bike store and are curious to delve into some local bike paths. Yet where are the terrific Sydney bike trails that we all deserves to check out?


  1. Bay run. as long as the morom walkers arent on the bike path. imagine the uproar if cyclists rode along the footpath. stupid chicks on phones

  2. Agree that the rides around Sydney Olympic Park (including Blaxland Riverside Park) and the nearbye Bicentennial Park are good value. Occasional cyclists can hire bikes at both venues and get food, snacks, drinks etc in the vicinity of the wharf. The routes are many and varied. Those with a history bent can cycle into the Amory and explore the heritage listed ex armament storage depot (previously RANAD Newington). Anyone who wants exercise on an off road route can set off from Blaxland Riverside Park (Silverwater) and cycle up and down the southern side of Parramatta River. It’s relatively easy to cross over the Silverwater Bridge and ride west and east on the northern side of the river. It’s worth taking a look at the newest stretch, the recently completed Ermington Bay Nature Trail, complete with contemplative viewing point over the tidal Parramatta River.

    Great for cyclists of all ages and abilities, including families with young kids.

  3. Definately around Oylmpic park, traffic is low and Bicentennial park provides are good back drop for a picnic and photo opportunities.