Where is Sydney’s best wine bar?


Taking time out at a pleasant, classy Sydney wine bar is very popular amongst many visitors. It’s a perfect way to take time out after some Sydney dining around town.

Which is the best Sydney wine bar? If you’re not interested in the CBD, maybe there’s a bar nearby you like to frequent.

What do you think is the best of Sydney wine bars, and what makes it so great?


  1. The goose at Willoughby !! Brand new funky yet elegant cafe/ bar .. Amazing cocktails and incredible food and service.. Try it!

  2. Timbah in Glebe, staff are great, venue is cute & cosy but modern and you can pick any bottle & they will open it to buy by the glass, with 3 bottles open at a time, a great idea & great way to try lots of dif wines!

  3. Timbah in Glebe, great range of domestic and International wines, always something interesting to try and great staff / atmosphere too

  4. Gnome Espresso and Wine Bar, Crown Street Surry Hills. Great coffee, food and wines plus great craftbeer.

  5. Time to Vino, food, wine and staff lovely but the atmosphere in the new place is not the same. Tilly DeVine’s gets a good look in with staff who also know what they are talking about, and interesting selection of wines and yummy food

  6. I have to agree with a few people above;
    Time to Vino has a nice wine selection and good staff, with some decent food too.

  7. Time to Vino! Even if you’re not a wine buff (like me) you’ll have a wonderful gastronomic experience. Great staff too!

  8. Time to Vino – East Sydney. Staff who know what they are talking about, interesting wine list, yummy food. Always too busy though. Worth going back and trying again and again and again