Where is the best pub trivia night in Sydney?


Pub trivia is a weekly institution for loads of gatherings of Sydney mates. We all love a decent free trivia night as an excuse to catch up with friends over a few beers and a parma… so where do you rate as the best pub trivia in Sydney?

There’s loads of different nights to choose from, too… perhaps you prefer a more intimate, smaller pub trivia night in a local bar. There’s plenty of these around, but are they the best trivia nights in Sydney?

At the other end of the scale, there’s plenty of enormous RSLs and pubs which hold massive pub trivia nights in Sydney too. Have you been to any of these which you can recommend?

There’s also so many different styles of trivia night – rock trivia, sport trivia, to general knowledge… or maybe there’s a pub trivia night with a first prize that’s truly worth playing for. Everyone’s got their favourites,so where can you recommend as the best pub trivia night in Sydney?


  1. You can’t go past the Newmarket Hotel on the cnr of Gardeners & Botany Rd – Thursday night is Maroons’ Trivia ( Yes the guy on the radio ) good topics lots of punter trying to win the cash Cold Beer and great food.

  2. Botany View in Newtown on a Thursday is excellent.

    But don’t come to it, our team already struggles to get our usual table.

  3. The Woolpack, Chalmers Street Redfern.

    Thursday night trivia is fantastic! Very broad range of questions, instant beer questions that you have to yell ‘oi!’ to answer! Good prizes, and the world famous paper aeroplane making and flying comp at half time!

  4. The DOG (Duke of Gloucester) in north randwick, cnr clovelly rd and frenchmans rd. It’s the best because there’s a great range of topics from current affairs to history. Ultimate rock, paper, scissors is a real treat as are random jugs of beer as spot prizes.


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