Where is the best lawn bowls in Sydney?


It’s kind of daggy, but it’s a lot of fun – going down to your local bowlo for a few beers and some lazy barefoot bowls. Lawn bowls in Sydney isn’t as daggy as some people like to think it is!

When it comes to lawn bowls in Sydney, some bowls clubs are better than others, and some are definitely much more receptive to “younger folk” coming along for a casual game. Although some bowls clubs have modernised their facilities, there’s still something to be said for a bit of old fashioned wood panelling and beer prices from 1995.

So when you’re after some Sydney barefoot bowling with mates, which bowling club do you rate as the best lawn bowls in Sydney?


  1. Last weekend, I went with few mates to Waverley Bowling Club.

    This is tgreat place to relax and have fun with friends and family. The food and drink menu are good and inexpensive and the atmosphere is great.

    I would definitely recommend it!


  2. I’m not a local to the area so there’s no bias, but Manly Bowling Club is always great for some summer barefoot bowls.


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