Where is Sydney’s best Indian restaurant?


curry_mediumGood Indian restaurants can be hard to find – especially if you’re craving a particuarly good Tandoori meal.

Vegetarian eaters are always well catered for at Indian restaurants in Sydney, too – no wonder they’re so popular.

So when you’re after a spicy curry in Sydney, either at home or delivered, where do you go? Share your tips!


  1. My favourite Indian restaurant in Sydney? Well that’s actually a good question because despite the vast array of really good eatin’ to be had in the city the curry houses are, as a rule, a bit below par.

    Still, if I have to chose one I’d have to say *drumroll*…

    Vrindavan in Pyrmont!



    HAHAHAHAAAAaaaaah… *wipes eyes*

    No I jest. Vrindavan is alright, but if it wasn’t on my doorstep and if I wasn’t a lazy swine I would probably never go there.

    Sam; unfortunately Viva Goa is now closed. Proof that (admittedly) smashing food still can’t save a restaurant that is run by an absolute nitwit (yes Gus, I mean you *shakes fist*).

    So, I say “as a rule a bit below par”, there ARE some notable exceptions:

    I am partial to Zaaffran at Harbourside, it IS a bit pricey but good value if you’ve got an Entertainment Book though. Nice staff that know their onions (& their ghee [hohoho!]).

    I’m pretty keen on Flavour Of India Edgecliff too, although unless you live in Edgecliff… well you probably just hopped off the train too early on the way to Bondi didn’t you.

    No, my very considered vote for best curry in Sydney goes to Maya da Dhaba in Cleveland Street. Bang on the money! It ranks up there with my spiritual home of Tayyab’s in Whitechapel (London UK) and thats saying a lot. Try the lamb chops; I defy you to not have a little foodgasm.

    Well done Maya.

  2. I agree with the other two people who like Road to Goa in St. Ives. Absolutely fantastic food. Amazing. Only disadvantage is that the bathroom isn’t in the restaurant but in another part of the centre.

  3. Maya da Dhaba. Its the only Indian restaurent where the food is genuine and tastes good. Its not westernised and the curries are great. On top of that, the manager was a great guy.

  4. Kammadhenu in Newtown (closer to Sydney uni) or Maya Da Dhaba on Cleveland St. I’m sure there is some great stuff out West, but I haven’t tried much (Woodlands is good but a bit overpriced honestly).

    Forget the fancy places, Sydney cannot do up market food. If you want to know how truly high Indian food can go, well, you need to go to India, sorry that’s just how it is.

  5. Palace of north india in rozelle is awesome for takeaway and surjitsin the city and on parramatta rd annandale to eat in

  6. Best i’ve had in Sydney is Posh Spice in Newtown, it’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

    I miss living in the Inner West :(


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