Where is Sydney’s best gym?


Whether you love exercising at a gym in Sydney CBD, or you like building muscle at a suburban fitness centre… there’s lots of handy gyms out there to help with your fitness.

There may even a few hard-to-find 24 hour gyms in Sydney secreted away out there!

Give your fellow residents looking for a decent gym around this city a hand – where do you think Sydney’s best gym is, and why?


  1. I’m @ Jett’s Neutral Bay. 600m from home. 24 hours. I work from home with a German HQd office – read: stupid hours.
    Works a treat for me

  2. Centennial Health Club in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore park. A new gym which is a spacious well designed and unpretencious gym that has all the equipment you’d want to use. What I like most is the free parking so I can wander and have a coffee/lunch or shop at the farmers markets after a workout

  3. City gym on Crown! Agreed Jennifer, the upstairs is much less intimidating and the group classes are amazing. The staff are all so friendly and helpful and really take the time to get to know the members.

  4. Shift60 – it’s a newbie on Bondi Road. Honestly amazing! It’s not so much a “gym” as a boutique training studio. The guys there are awesome. I never knew I could achieve so much in 60minutes. i HIGHLY recommend it.

  5. City Gym, Crown Street, East Sydney. Once you get passed all the heavies downstairs there is a real fun attitude to all the group classes upstairs