Where are the best meals for under $10 in Sydney?


We can’t all eat at a fine dining restaurant every night of the week, and there’s plenty of awesome cheap eats in Sydney. Where are your favourite meals under $10 in Sydney?

This is definitely the realm of the local’s secret: those secreted away little cafes, restaurants and take-aways around Sydney that have been powering on for years. If their meals are so cheap, they often rely on word of mouth for advertising, so here’s your chance to give them a shout out!

There’s also a lot of great meals under $10 in inner Sydney suburbs like Darlinghurst and Newtown – are there any places you like to grab some cheap eats when you’re in these suburbs? Or perhaps you’ve got some tips on the best places to grab a cheap lunch in the CBD for under $10 (it’s getting harder and harder these days!)

Share your nominations for the best meals under $10 in Sydney below.


  1. Sam Thai in Neutral Bay does amazing lunches for $7.50. Amazingly cheap and big delicious meals!

  2. Sushi on Stanley.
    Sushi hand rolls for $3/$3.50.
    Low on rice, high on the filling – just the way they should be done.
    2 and you’re happy
    3 and you’re stuffed.

  3. The Captain Cook Hotel Moore Park Road Moore Park.

    Too many under $10 meals to mention. Lunch and dinner.

  4. Fantastic Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) for $3 atthe colonial centre near Martin Place station. Two should be plenty for lunch.

  5. UNSW Menzies arcade has some of the best and cheapest food options out from Indian, Chinese to salads and Italian. All under $10

  6. The Bourbon in Kings Cross – $10 rump steak with salad and mash or chips. its amazing. plus all drinks are $3 from 6 – 9 every night.


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