Where is Sydney’s best coffee?


Who brews the best coffee in Sydney? The secrets behind a good coffee cafe can be a bit of a mystery, so we’re on a mission!

There’s plenty of talented baristas around Sydney and the surrounding area, so here’s your opportunity, coffee snobs! If you’re tired of using the office coffee machine, share the greatest coffee shops in the city for great java below.

Make sure you explain why your chosen brewers are so fantastic. The city’s fellow coffee fans will be grateful.


  1. OK, So I have a bit of a coffee addiction…. Here are my top 10. Inner west/ sydney
    1. Campos – Newtown/ Alexandria
    2. Double Roasters – Marrickville
    3. Coffee Alchemy – Marrickville
    4. Workshop Espresso – George Street Sydney
    5. Single Origin Roasters – Surry Hills
    6. Goblin cafe – Summer Hill
    7. Revolver cafe – Annandale
    8. The Grounds – Alexandria
    9. Toby’s Estate – Chippendale/ Woolloomooloo
    10. Cornersmith – Marrickville

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  3. Johnny’s Window in Darlinghurst,
    Small hole in the wall & always consistent.
    If you don’t know it you’ll miss it, very local

  4. the timeless australian favourite, international roast drunk out of a foam cup and stirred with a paddle pop stick

  5. Great reviews!!!
    I have tried lots of cafes and coffee roasters thanks to all the posts here. What I find surprising is the lack of information people actually have about the espresso scene at home back in The USA (Im originally from Sweden).
    People often say that coffee in America is crap, and from the perspective of a tourist I completely agree.
    As a tourist/photographer visiting Australia, my approach to the local espresso culture could be similar. When you do not know anything about the local coffee industry, as a stranger, you normally go for the most “popular” or familiar brands… Gloria Jeans was one of the first shops I visited… Horrible experience as expected… Then I started to pay some attention to the shops around the city and I found some great places as well as some dump-holes to never go back to.
    The following list of brands and/or cafes are of my sole personal opinion.
    You may agree or disagree, or may be I just had the best or the worst luck with the baristas on the day I ordered my coffee.
    Gloria Jeans… As bad as Starbucks or McDonald. Typical example of the mass produced market.
    Vitoria Coffee… Drinkable with milk but nothing special.
    Primo, simply horrendous.
    Schinello, tastes like cardboard mixed with rubber.
    Numero Uno was delicious. Great coffee with milk or just as a espresso…
    Toby’s… Ok, it seems to be very popular but I honestly don’t know why.
    Went to Single Origin and really enjoy the “Single Origin” roasts from Salvador and Panama in the syphon. The house blend was lightly roasted and when drink as espresso tastes so acidic that I though I was having rotten lemonade… Divided opinion!
    Mecca was amazing, but once again the mild roast business makes of few of the espresso shots an unpleasant experience.
    This little bakery in Manly uses Little Marionette… Hats down!!! One of the best coffees I have ever had!!! Remains me of WhiteDog Coffee from Boston.
    Then I recognized the Cafe de Colombia logo in a spanish themed deli called EnCasa. Amazing colombian coffee from a company called Calima. One of my favorites too… The complete opposite to the Juan Valdez Shops.
    Santos… Should be renamed as Evil!!!
    Karmee Coffee was pleasant and smooth. A good option…
    Lavazza… Why it tastes so bad here??? Is it roasted in Europe and then consumed months later here in Australia???
    Gusto in Bondi is one of the coolest cafes I have seen, but the coffee was a big disappointment. The breaky roll is to die for.
    JuJu or De Gabriel (or both)… Bitter and heavy, very similar to Dilorenzi, they should spend less energy on their presentation and more efforts in their roasting.
    Byron Bay Coffee Co. Just another reason to go back to such magical place. Excellent coffee!!!
    Grand Cru, grand Disappointment, I refused to pay for it.
    DiBella coffee experience was just as their TV ad… Cheap and nasty…
    AllPress… Drinkable… Like Vittoria.
    Campos… Mmmm, interesting… People seem to go crazy for it, and I tried in lots of different shops. In my personal opinion Campos is a decent choice but not as special as the local market claims. It looks more like a “trend” or a brand coffee illiterates choose to be recognized as a “coffee connoisseurs”. Also gets my attention that they claim to be Artisan Roasters, but with all those shops to supply that Company must be as big and commercial as Vittoria or Lavazza.
    Crepe And Coffee Co. The Chick Club Crepe is the bomb and their Colombian Connection coffee was so delicious too. Full of taste, both as espresso or with milk. Definitely going back there.
    Pablos and Rustic at the Olimpic Park is fantastic. Still looking for another outlet…
    Top Hat in Clovelly. Great little shop, nice coffee made with lots of friendly energy.
    Seven Seeds… Melbourne based Roasters… Sensational coffee; can’t wait for my Melbourne adventure… I’ve been told it is the Coffee Capital of Australia.
    Thanks for reading!!!

  6. Single Origin Roasters without a doubt! Best coffee and their cafe make the best espresso shots.
    Stop supporting black water technicians then try a real barista like the guys at Single Origins Sideshow in Surry Hills.

  7. Buy your coffee beans from Voodoo in Marrickville and make it at home in a stove top espresso maker.. Serenata blend or Fire. The best!

  8. I’m looking at which coffee to use as I’m opening up a cupcake lounge (hence why I found this post via googling). I heard with Campos you have to “pay” them up to $15,000.00 for the privelege of using them, AND that they use a blend, not single origin. I could have heard wrong though? And a friend has had 18 months of bad dealings with Tobys (& I’ve witnesses it myself), & Allpress may be out of question as a cafe near me already uses them. A local couple have the brand “Single Origin” in Clovelly so I might try them as it’s suppose to be really good.
    HOWEVER..I agree that you can have the best coffee in the world, but with a crap coffee person it can taste horrible!! One fo my favourite cafes has a great coffee brand, & I wish I could tell them how badly they make it, everyone knows & people wont go there becasue of the bad coffee.
    I’m hiring a Barista so I can make sure mine will be right :)

  9. Grind at Cronulla. Fusion Point at Manly doesn’t look much for coffee but never had a bad coffee there.

  10. Best coffee Cremorne Mosman area try La Bottega Espresso on Spofforth St, they do Artecaffe
    Super efficient good atmosphere

  11. I like the foxhole on Kent and erskinne st, delicious.. The guy on the machine there is really nice also. Five stars!!

  12. I get my daily coffee fix at…..
    The Fox Hole Cafe & Small Bar
    68A Erskine Street (entry on Kent), Sydney CBD

  13. I have to agree with Zubusta 90% of coffee making is the barista. You could have the best beans in the world but if the barista is no good then the coffee will be terrible. Alternately, you could have the worst beans but if the barista is good you would actually get a decent cup of coffee. Yes, given most people are individuals, coffee is very much an individual thing depending on taste and preferences.

  14. Sydney is one of the world’s best cities for coffee, I don’t think there is any one place that has ‘the best’ coffee. After all everyone’s tastes and preferences are subjective. I have never gone wrong with any place that serves Toby’s Estate or Campos coffee. But from my experience the skill of the barista is more important than the brand of coffee.

  15. This place surprised even myself… The Foxhole – Cnr Eskine & Kent St. I found The Foxhole while looking for decent coffee near my workplace. Great (best) coffee but limited food options.

  16. Anna a good coffee in Kings Cross/Potts Point area will be found at Piccolo Bar. It’s one of Sydney’s oldest Cafes (nearly 60 years). Reopened earlier this year after a big makeover. Coffee brand is DC and consistently good since reopening.

  17. I’ve been to all the Coffee Giants of sydney- Mecca, campos newtown, single orgin etc. but the one place that has been able to retain a strong and smooth coffee all these years has to be Mano Espresso on St John’s road (just off Glebe point road) – it’s the same guy serving you the coffee every single time so the quality is consistent and i’ve never been disappointed. believe me i know good coffee.

  18. Project 8 cafe at Broadway is my favourite. The staff working are always so friendly and they serve great coffee!

  19. I love Single Origin in Surry Hills… My local caffeine supplier!!! Still, there is a new name around; Colombian Connection… It seems like they are working together with the old Calima Coffee… This guys only specialize in Colombian Coffee and as far as I know (Geographical and soils Engineer Student) Colombia is the only Coffee Producing Country in the world with such a wide variety of soils, temperatures and geographical capabilities to have the most diverse ecosystems in the planet… My guess is that such a privileged place has to offer a huge variety of beans… I have follow them for a while… I love Single Origin Coffees; not a big fan of blends as we are dealing with “grains” and not with liquid or spices. No matter what you think, the heavier and/or smaller beans in a bled will always go first through the blades of the grinder, (add the vibrations caused bu the grinding machine itself) simple physics!
    Few other companies like Campos are great businesses, but not many people in the public know that they force their clients (coffee Shops) to use huge amounts of coffee per shot. The average/standard basked for a double shot uses between 18 to 21 grams of ground coffee. Roasters like Campos demand 24 grams of Coffee per double shot… That’s way tooooo much coffee. I bet that most coffee brands out there would taste as good, or even better than these guys using all that ground!
    But going back to my initial topic, visit the Connection at “Eveleigh Markets” in Carriageworks or try “Cafe Con Leche” on Fitzroy St. I’m sure there are more outlets but not sure where they are…

  20. The folks in south Darlington haven’t worked out what the peeps nearer Chippendale have known for weeks. Town Bike Pitstop on Abercrombie St. has awesome coffee and more…

  21. If anyone knows of where to get GOOD (strong, hot and flavorsome) coffee in Kings Cross or Potts Point please let me know, I am dying here!

  22. If you’re in the area, go check out The Town Bike Pitstop, in Chippendale/Redfern
    Awesome coffee and the friendly peeps are great for a yarn too!


    The Third Village is my favourite Sydney cafe, the coffee is always amazing. The wall mural is a great highlight and all round makes a great place to hang out. The upstairs area is my favourite, a bit quieter and easier to get a seat. The food is always delicious, the poached eggs are always perfect. Great value too.

  24. By far and away Don Campos on Fountain Street, Alexandria has the best coffee in Sydney. I am surprised it has only one mention so far. Maybe because it is still fairly new.

    In the CBD the best coffee is at Bar Fino in the MLC Building on Castlereagh Street. They use Campos coffee.

    I used to like Mecca but since going to Don Campos it doesn’t even compare. I live in the city but travel to Alexandria purely for the cappuccinos.

  25. My favourites are :
    1. Coffee Alchemy Marickville, just stunning coffee every time!
    2. Mecca King St CBD fantastic coffee and great staff
    3. Little Marionette Balmain coffee consitently great and a nice park across the street

  26. Bar Passalacqua on Marion Street at Leichhardt. I have NEVER had a bad coffee from them. Consistently excellent, great service, quick and well priced! Great nutella bombs too!

  27. Non CBD: Deus Ex Machina Cafe in Camperdown… have a coffee and stay for brekky. if you ask for crispy bacon, god love them, they actually deliver, unlike soooo many others

    CBD: Lovebite Cafe, on Goulburn & Castlereagh.. and one or two of the baristas are eye candy as a bonus

  28. Well I don’t know about Campos in Newtown but Campos in Falcon St Alexandria is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had. I now refuse to drink any other even to try. Not only is their coffee top class but the soy milk they use is the best you can get where you hardly notice the difference between it and cows milk—don’t know the brand though. Always consistent in taste and froth is perfect. And their iced coffees are also made to perfection–none of this sugary rubbish you get elsewhere. They are also very obliging with specific requests. Just would like to see more variety in their basic lunches and sweets.

  29. One of my favourite coffee place in Kingscross is Maeda. It’s located in a small cafe alley near the fountain. The guy make really good coffee! I’ve also tried green tea latte and jelly espresso (sorry I’m not sure about the name). All very good. Hope it helps some coffee-lovers living around there!

  30. Campos Coffee Newtown is always consistent on quality.
    Toby Estate at Ultimo Harris street is also good but not always consistent on quality.
    One last one theres this little coffee stall next to the Bayview Hotel in Gladesville an old Turkish guy runs it and he knows how to make a good coffee

  31. Try Bravo Coffee, 177 Enmore Rd in Enmore. The shop’s been there for a little over 60 years so they must be doing something right.

  32. Coffee trails

    Shop 5, 2 lee st
    Haymarket NSW 2000 (02) 9211 6555

    so many good cafes been told! but my favorite cafe in sydeny hasn :(

    nearby central station,(about 5 mins?)
    coffee trails has two different beans, if it’s right, one is their house blend and the other one is single origin.

    if you’re a coffee lover, especially a short black, it would be delightful to try two different short black.

    and if you get ‘Sandy’ as a barista for your coffee, quality is guaranteed

  33. My favourites are:

    Bean Drinking in Crows Nest – They have the only SLAYER in NSW and do syphon and cold drip – YUM!

    Mecca – King St, City – Great espresso and nice coffee off the Clover

  34. My favourite coffee has to be from Fair Trade cafe in Glebe. Excellent coffee and they also have a loyalty card.

  35. A few of my favs, all in Randwick:
    Fresh Ground, Belmore Rd
    Duke’s Lounge, Avoca St
    Stack (ex Cafe 105), cnr Church & King Sts
    The coffee at the Ritz Cinema isn’t half bad either, depending on whose making it.

  36. Campos is good but their blend will wear you down after a while so I dont go there anymore.
    Mecca is on the top of my list (ristrettos the best)
    Single origin in surry deserves honourable mention, however if they get the short asian guy or the girl to make the coffee, its a bit hit and miss. Their beans are good though and atmosphere second to none.

  37. I’m sorry to those who like Campos, but I really dislike their coffee and their atmosphere..I didn’t get very friendly service.

  38. I love Euroespresso’s Cafe EuroBlend, Annandale seriously the best coffee I have ever had. My friend came from Italy and I took him to their cafe’, he thought it was amazing. I’m pretty sure they sell to other cafe’s and restaurants around sydney, ‘wheat’ in newtown sells their amazing coffee too!

  39. do you think Jasmine knows that we can tell she has written four different comments from 4 different people, under the same name?

    Far out

  40. It s up to u, cuz no one can force u to do or taste such things. They are just opinions. But one more thing, if that place is really good, you would never know cuz you never taste it. And that because just A bit of your mind. Just open, Mate

  41. Okay we got the fucking point ya spammers. I will NOT go to One Origin and I will tell all my friends the same because you guys have deliberately misused this forum. Can’t any of us escape bullshit money-making ploys for five seconds?

  42. I ithink the best coffee in newtown is “one origin” and the best barista myself very love the coffee beans they used(crn brown st. And king st.)

  43. The best coffee in newtown is called “one origin” strong without bitter after taste, price is reasonable with just 2 dollas per cup. Barista is really friendly, not just makin a coffee. Beside he talk and remember my favorite coffee even once visit. This place is just a small place compare with the other Café around Newtown, but coffee is Hugh gim em. 5 stars recommended.

  44. TIm
    I love ethoopian coffee especially coffee beans
    from sidamo real choccolate taste and no bitter after taste.
    @one origin cafe 206 king st, (crn brown st) nsw 2042
    scored 15/10 best newtown

  45. Mecca has the best coffee, its so fresh and the guys are very friendly and remember your coffee order! yes i agree that cafe 68 degrees espresso on Clarence St has bad coffee and bad service too, the owner / barista is so rude…!!

  46. Nice promo there Josh for your own cafe. I know the internet’s all new and stuff…so here’s a tip…next time don’t use your own name if your trying to pretend to be just a regular member of the public. By all means use your real name…but declare your interests to be fair.

    Another vote for Toby’s Estate and Campos

  47. Best coffee ever is place call one origin coffee address 206 king st,newtown (crn brown st) sydney’ They coffee so amazing taste they roasted own coffee bean ‘ ….I gave scored 10/10 in quality and freshness of roasted beans , presentation, strength,aroma,taste,texture.mob 0432 32 9000

  48. Caffe’ Euro Blend – 165 parramatta rd stanmore- they roast their own and make a fab coffee on the premises.
    Journeys bookshop/cafe – cnr trafalgar and booth st, annandale – quality coffee and free unwired internet

  49. cafe ish Albion street surry hills. Apparantley it takes 10 minutes to get the “perfect cup of coffee” and the barista ..Ai is her name is surly surly….but hey if you want a long black thats like “Grace Jones going down on you” thats where I would go.
    And she goes down on me EVERY day!!!

  50. I’m one of those, I HAVE to have my morning coffee!
    I have a couple favs – depending on where I am:
    Camperdown – IRO Cafe, Missendon Rd (these guys also do a great brekkie!!)
    City – Lovebite Cafe, Cnr Goulburn & Castlereagh Sts (but only open Mon-Fri)

  51. Naked Espresso, 126 King St in Newtown – fantastic coffee and they only use Bonsoy so great if you’re vegan or lactose intollerant. They also do amazing organic buckwheat pancakes and veg*n cooked breakfasts!

  52. Great idea Sydneyism. There is so much good coffee in Sydney we’re spoilt.
    A couple of roaster mates do a great drop:
    Neoma from Mars, Banksmeadow – http://www.neomacoffee.com.au/
    Bay Coffee, Neutral Bay: http://www.baycoffee.com.au/index.html

    I always find Latteria, Darlinghurst consistently good: http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/?action=venue&venue_url=latteria

    These guys in Milsons Point take coffee seriously and its great: Mastro’s. Next to Ortofino Apartments 94 Alfred St Milsons Point

    Single Origin Surry Hills: http://www.singleorigin.com.au/

    I could go on!


  53. Single origin, campos and Mecca are all very good coffees! but i have also had a DiLorenzo Coffee at Neutral bay, it was beautiful!

  54. Too hard so these are my favourite five
    ~Grumpy Baker-Oxford St
    ~Cafe Ism-Newtown
    ~Cafe Newtown-Newtown
    ~Single Origin-Surrey Hills
    ~Forbes and Burton-Darlinghurst

  55. Cafe ISM! Wilson St, Newtown. A lovely way to while away an hour or two is to have a beautifully made coffee and sit in the cafe to watch the passers-by in Hollis park. They also do great food

  56. My friends recommend Mecca in the city, and Campos in Newtown (both mentioned above), I personally like Buzzbar in Newtown (King street, close to the station)

  57. The best coffee for me in Sydney is Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville, on Addison Rd. It’s open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm, and it’s more a roastery than a coffee shop. They serve great espresso but their specialty is drip coffee; and believe me, it gives the best espresso a run for its money! The only other coffee shops in the same class in Sydney are Campos, Single Origin, and Mecca.

  58. At the moment i am really loving Di Lorenzo Espresso in Neutral Bay, On Rangers Rd. DiLorenzo Caffe has got to be one of the best coffees going around at the moment! Check it out

  59. as someone who DOES drink coffee very frequently and a barista in a former life, I have the good fortune to have recently moved to within 1 block of AllPress Coffee.

    Oh, yes.

  60. I’m not one to go out for coffee very often, but my favourite place has to be Naked Espresso which operates out of the Basil Pizza shopfront (near the Marlborough Hotel on King Street) most hours.

    While I believe it has great coffee, one of the main reasons I love the place is because the guy who runs it is morally opposed to dairy milk and uses a good quality soy milk in everything. This is probably a deal breaker for many, of course, but for those who don’t feel attacked by the presence of alternatives to animal products, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  61. My favourites for really good coffee:

    CBD: Mecca on King Street
    CBD: Velluto Nero on Clarence Street
    Surry Hills: Single Origin on Reservoir Street
    Surry Hills: Koko on the corner of Holt/Devonshire

    If you want strong like STRONG, go to Cafe Stories on Harris Street in Pyrmont. Those boys know how to make a brew that will take your head off.

  62. Cordial, 130 Carillon Ave in Newtown.

    My boyfriend and I went there every weekend for a good year or so before we moved overseas. The coffee is fantastic, staff are really friendly and the food is excellent as well. I love that it’s not on King Street so it doesn’t feel so crowded.

  63. Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m tired of spending money on coffee which tastes burnt. I hope more people comment with nice places.

  64. My favourite coffee is at Bacio which is on the ground floor of the QVB building in Sydney. Great place to also sit and admire the beautiful building and watch shoppers in action!

  65. Hey hey
    Best place in Sydney to have coffe is Indigo Cafe at Double Bay and is a great place to eat.

    Shop 6, Transvaal Avenue
    Double Bay, NSW 2028
    Telephone: 02 – 9363 5966