Where in Sydney do you always try to get as many green traffic lights as possible?


We’ve all done it… everyone has a stretch of road that they try to get as many green lights as possible. Of course, we’re not encouraging anyone to drive unsafely – those traffic road signs are there for a reason – but you probably have a particular highway street that you always try to beat the lights on.

Maybe you’ve driven along your commute long enough that you know all about traffic lights in that area, and exactly what sets them off. We all know Parramatta Road can be challenging at the best of times, but we bet you’ve secretly played a green light challenge in your head along there…

Remembering that we all know about traffic signals and why they’re in place – where do you always try to get a stretch of green traffic lights in Sydney, and what’s your personal best run?


  1. I try to get as many lights as possible along Harris Street Ultimo, driving south, past the ABC and Sydney Tech, across Broadway, then right onto Regent Street and along through Redfern. If I can get as far as Henderson Road Alexandria, I am punching the air happy. That’s crossing three suburbs through inner Sydney. I’ve done it.

    It is pretty hard, but possible at around 8ish or earlier on a Sunday morning. I do this route all the time and I get totally frustrated when other drivers are slow.


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