Where does Sydney need new public transport?


Although the answer can change depending on who you ask, Sydney public transport is either world class or could be better.

So how can we add to Sydney’s public transport system? Where do we need more Sydney buses?

It could be that we require a totally new form of public transport yet to be used in Sydney. Add your ideas in comments.


  1. the outlying areas eg western suburbs, hills district, sutherland shire heading towards waterfall and helensburgh just to name a few.

  2. 1. Shared Tramline/Busway up the Northern Beaches to Narrabeen.
    2. Double bus lane over the bridge in the mornings, whilst prioritising bus traffic on york street.

  3. The West desperately needs it, especially from the city to the west. And from East Sydney to the west, would be good as well… More interconnection is needed over most of Sydney.

  4. Screw putting more in the city – the West needs it badly. I’m tired of there not being enough services on the Richmond branch line for trains – when are we going to get an express already?

  5. It would be good if there were a few more options for people trying to get to Bondi/Bronte. Having to take a bus, a train, and another bus to get there is kind of crazy.

  6. NorWest! Fortunately they are planning to extend the trains out here, but that will take years to complete. The only way out now is the gridlocked M2 or a bus with connections all over to get where you need to go. They need more direct bus routes & not only for people going to work. During the middle of the day & weekends too!