Where does Sydney need an extra airport?


If you had the opportunity to add a new, additional airport to Sydney – where would you locate it?

Any specific areas or locations that it’d be handy to have an airport near?


  1. High speed rail from newcastle through Sydney to the gong and on to Canberra with only about six stops.

  2. We need two now that we have been waiting so long for badgerys creek. so put the third one on the central coast plus

  3. a floating airport in the middle of the harbour. Seriously why don’t we just do what Uncle Paul Keating says and upgrade Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra Airports that’s 1.7 million people taken out of the Kingsford Smith drama

  4. Of course Sydney needs a second airport, with the high population growth, congestion at the airport will become a drag on the economy.
    Badgerys Creek should be the site, reasonably close to the city.

  5. the government bought the land and planned to build at badgerys creek for years. there is no good reason why an airport shouldn’t be built there, other than constant government failure at executing plans.