Where does Sydney need a new train line?


Some areas of Sydney simply aren’t served that well by public transport. So – where would you place a new train line in Sydney, and why?

Don’t just think around your neighbourhood – where have you tried to travel to recently that’s been a ridiculous criss-cross of changing ferries and buses, when you could’ve easily jumped on a train?


  1. Baulkham Hills and Castle Hill pleease!

    Hornsby or Chatswood to Northern Beaches would be awesome!!!

    Epping to Parramatta

  2. I think light rail would be a good idea for the southern part of the eastern suburbs, going from Bondi Junction to the south.

  3. I agree with the Bondi to Cronulla (and vice versa) suggestion and linking all those in the eastern suburbs more effectively with the southern suburbs! Currently it takes an hour to get from Cronulla to the City which seems a lot given the distance they are apart

  4. Epping to Parramatta. Bondi to Cronulla via The eastern Suburbs and Kurnell. Chatswood to Bondi via Deewhy and Manly. Join the the new north west line onto the Richmond line. Strathfied to Hurstville. All underground please.

  5. Eastern and Southern suburbs. Botany rd and Anzac parade are just insane to travel on and are the only options for people in those areas.

  6. I have an issue with there not being a train line through Kensington and Randwick. Even a light rail would do.

  7. Through Pyrmont, Balmain, Drummoyne and Ryde. Victoria Road is the most congested in Sydney and the buses are always over-crowded.

  8. they should extend the bondi line around under clovelly and unsw, down to malabar and back over to meet the airport/east hills line

  9. Surely common sense would dictate that after all the work that has already been done you would build the Rouse Hill to Epping Link!

  10. When the proposed Metro crashes and burns like it should the money allocated for that should be used to build a line from Epping to Rouse Hill or Epping to somewhere along the Richmond line. A second harbour crossing with duplication of the line from the City to St.Leonards should also be a priority as well as completing the Epping to Parramatta link.

    The short-sightedness of stupid politicians of all persuasions will most likely prevent these projects from ever getting the green light.

  11. We should have a train line serving the Northern Beaches, god I fucking hate taking buses up there, they are so unfrequent.

  12. There needs to be a decent metro around eastern sydney. Every road is congested, the buses aren’t enough!

  13. Build an Epping to Carlingford link (~ 5KM) then develop the Carlingford to Parramatta line properly.

    Also build SOMETHING to feed the North-West.


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