Where does Sydney need a new bridge or tunnel?


car-tunnelThe city is becoming more and more choked with traffic… and sometimes you find yourself thinking, “if only there was a tunnel here!”

Do you have any ideas on where the city could do with some tunnels and bridges to get around a bit easier? Which locations?


  1. From Balmain to the city would be nice. The city is right there and it takes a minute by ferry but an hour and a half walk or a half hour drive through traffic for a couple of kilometres

  2. Maybe more businesses should spread out! The M4 is ridiculous these days! I agree with more tunnels for the rail network!

  3. Tunnels yes….but not for cars….just make the problem worse…we need tunnels for a subway system.

  4. It needs to be a new RAIL tunnel. several actually. down to maroubra. up the insular peninsular. barangaroo

  5. No more bridges or tunnels unless they are going to accommodate rail lines. It’s ridiculous that the Spit Bridge is the only vehicular connection to the city for the entire Northern Beaches.

  6. Too many people use cars in this city as it is!
    The Harbour Bridge is over-capacity for rail. What we need is a second harbour rail crossing for the Northern Line.

  7. This has always been a problem to everyone for decades.. Manly to City via spit bridge. It’s time we should ease the congestion by widening the access, either by building another bridge or a tunnel cutting straight through to the city. The Government turning this proposal down a few times still boggles me.

  8. A road and rail tunnel between Rose Bay and Manly would be ace. Just think, if the surf at one beach is crap, you could just get across to one on the other shore!


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