Where are the best suburbs for uni accommodation in Sydney?


If you’ve just arrived in Sydney and are starting tertiary studies, you’re probably looking for student rooms to rent. They’re not always as easy, or cheap, to find as you may expect.

It’s worth noting that some inner city suburbs in Sydney Australia aren’t always as cheap as they may seem, despite their appearance. A lot of cheap Sydney suburbs are located a little distance away, but are worth the savings. Most of these suburbs have great access by train or bus anyway, so you’ll be fine!

When you’re looking for an accommodation, check for student listings online and in the local university newspaper. It’s a free and easy way to research what prices each local suburb will cost you, before you commit to off campus accommodation.

Which suburbs do you reckon are best for Sydney uni housing?


  1. Annadale, on the end closest to Leichhardt & Parramatta road. It’s much cheaper than city living but it’s a really nice, safe, convenient neighbourhood with less than 10 mins bus rides to UTS and UniSyd.


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