Where are the best rooftop bars in Sydney?


If you’re looking for an amazing evening out, you can’t go past one of the many rooftop bars in Sydney.

Not all of these rooftop bars in Sydney CBD are the same, though. Even the best hotel rooftop may seem spectacular, but they have to be able to serve great drinks too! Which hotel do you reckon has the balance just right?

We’ve all been told about some of the best roof top bars in Sydney. There’s a few great roof top bars in the Rocks, and at some stage or another, we’ve all probably ended up at a Darlinghurst rooftop bar on the foggy end of a massive night out.

Whether they’re one of Sydney’s best small bars or an amazing gigantic outdoor bar, we’re big fans of them all – especially in summer! So who gets your nomination for the best roof top bar in Sydney CBD?


  1. Glenmore does take it for me.
    There aren’t many rooftop bars in Sydney though. And the Ivy Pool bar doesn’t count, that’s a rooftop porno set.

  2. Glenmore for sure. Can’t wait till they finish the reno’s and it will be hands down the best in Sydney


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