What’s your favourite thing that has never changed in Sydney?


Some great features of a city remain timeless, and probably will for some time.

What’s your favourite thing about Sydney that’s never seemed to change… and probably never will?


  1. There are some beautiful cities around the world, but there is nothing more spectacular than flying back into Sydney across our beautiful Harbour. Always brings a smile to my face.

  2. There is nothing in Sydney that has not changed ask the Eaora People (not that there are many of them left) who were here 220 years ago and I think you will find you have asked a stupid question. Besides, dynamic cities are always changing even the harbour is different to what it was centuries ago, even if it is just the frame of 21st century urbanism that surrounds it, it is still pretty.

  3. My favourite thing about Sydney………..too many to mention but for a start, our beautiful bridge, the harbour foreshores, the Manly ferry, the Botanic Gardens.


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