What are your favourite tips for how to travel in Sydney by public transport?


Although most of us use Sydney public transport on a daily basis, there’s still many relatively unknown tips and tricks when it comes to to things like tickets and timetables. Do you have any tips to share with tourists and visitors who probably aren’t sure how to travel in Sydney by public transport?

For example, you may have a little-known tip on a way to save on tickets (beyond fare evading, obviously). There’s probably also quite a few tricks when it comes to timetables – are there some little-known routes which can get you from A to B in Sydney a little more quickly than people may realise?

Perhaps you’ve got some tips on how to travel in Sydney by public transport to the airport. We all know about the airport train line, but are there bus services which are cheaper or quicker?

Share your tricks and tips on saving fares and how to travel in Sydney on trains, buses and ferries below.


  1. Be aware that whilst the River Cat from Parramatta to Circular Quay is a trip everyone should do at least once, the river is tidal so you might get to the city by boat but depending on the height of the river you might be coming back to Parramatta by bus and or train.

  2. ALWAYS have coins and use the “coins only” machines in the morning. A lot of people either don’t know how to use them or don’t have coins, so you don’t wait as long to buy a ticket.

  3. It’s risky b/c you may be fined, but I never buy MyBus2 or 3. I always buy MyBus1 passes no matter how far away I’m going. They don’t check.

  4. Weekly train tickets are not always the best value for money. You can save by buying a single ticket in the morning and a weekly ticket after work.
    eg: in the 10-15km range a single ticket is $4 and a weekly is $31, this will be $35 for 6 days of travel (if you only use it Monday to Friday) – $5.83/day
    A weekly ticket alone is $31 for 5 days of travel – $6.20/day
    If you can travel offpeak (after 9am) it costs even less – $5.40/day


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