What’s your favourite restaurant in Newtown?


It’s your turn for a restaurant review. Considering food restaurants in Newtown, which is the greatest?

It doesn’t matter where you’re checking out King St: you’ll find top cuisine – be it one of the top ten restaurants in Newtown or many cafes in Newtown.

Help us make a dining guide to Newtown below.


  1. Atom is the way yo go for Thai.
    Lat-Dior on Enmore Rd for African (although technically in Enmore).
    Carlisle Castle for the best pub food.
    Pasha’s for Turkish.
    Gi-gi’s for pizza.
    …just to name a few ;)

  2. Atom Thai is THE Thai restaurant in newtown. Beats Thai potong easily. Up near the marly and tre viet (also yummy)

  3. Just read comments and ticked myself not realising it was me. go me. follow me @TowballDan for everything on life

  4. Carlisle castle bistro. seafood pasta is worthy of 3 hat restaurants (chef used to work in one of those, forget which one). Thanh binh is aldo good – has a sister restaurant in cabramatta so the food is spot on

  5. Agree about Pothong, Botanview Hotel has GREAT pub fppd and African Feeling is good for well, African! But there really are to many Thai restaurants…

  6. Definitely Cicciolina – the pumpkin ravioli is to die for!

    The Coopers Arms also has great pub meals… there are too many Thai places to narrow it down to one but I enjoy That Pothong, Thai La-Ong and Sumalee Thai at The Bank hotel.

  7. Have always had beautiful food and friendly service at Cicciolina. Great Italian.

    Also, Thai Pothong has great food and near perfect service.